Just Bananas About: Week of 7/18/16

The first thing I typically watch when I wake up on Sunday morning is Superman Returns.  The kids continue to entertain me while showing how dads are an integral part in raising the next generation.  I like how the dads show various lessons from patience to discipline to being independent and this week’s episode was no different.

At the Five Sibling household, Lee Dong Guk tries to teach the kids a lesson on what to do if he has fallen ill, wondering how his kids will react.  They are concerned and do everything from taking out the medical play kit to running to the front door to get their dad’s shoes.

I find it amusing that Daebak put this shoes to his mouth and Dong Guk immediately leaps up to tell Daebak that it is dirty.

And yet, the kids know that they need to get help from an adult and that’s the lesson that Dong Guk tries to teach them.

At Soda Siblings household, Lee Bum Soo has forgotten his cell phone so their mother tasks the kids with bringing their dad his cell phone.  She draws them a map and tells them exactly what they need to listen out for.  Basically, So Eul must lead herself and her little brother, Da Eul.

I love how calm and methodical So Eul is as she goes about figuring out how to get to her dad.  She may not be familiar with the train system yet but she enlists the help of kind strangers around her to direct her and her brother.  They even stop along the way to get a little snack but this doesn’t cause her to rush and jump on the next train.  She simply tells Da Eul that they just take a seat, eat and just catch the next train.

The only moment of panic is when they are about to reach their stop but Da Eul has fallen asleep on the train.  Surely, she’s not able to lift Da Eul up but she also doesn’t want to miss her stop.  She asks the PD if he could carry Da Eul off the train for her.

And soon afterwards, they are reunited with their dad who is hiding out waiting for them at the Gyeongbokgung Station.  As much as Da Eul was exhausted throughout the journey to their dad, So Eul was unable to let her guard down until she completed her mission.  I’m impressed by So Eul because it was a hard mission but she accepted the challenge with great poise and yet it was also taxing as she can’t help but fall asleep just as they are about to eat.

As for the twins, Seo Eon and Seo Jun start off their morning with some breakfast delivered to them via toy trains.  I love the creativity of this activity and it brings some play into an everyday routine.

However, the twins are abuzz with the news that their female friend, Ah Rin, is heading the playground and wants a play date with the twins.  There’s an interesting bit of rivalry between the twins when it comes to Ah Rin as both boys like her and she seems more interested in Seo Jun.

I imagine it’s his bad boy ways that she finds attractive.  Giiirrrl, I feel you.  But I can’t help but feel that when she is ready to date, she will totally change her mind about nice guys like Seo Eon.  It’s good to keep your options open.  Hehe.

Meanwhile, at the Ro Hee household, Ki Tae Young decides to get together with Comedians Jung Sung Yoon’s daughter, Mo Ah and Yoon Hyun Bin’s son, Joon, to exercise together.  I love this idea of doing co-parenting activities with other dads.  Not only do these dads workout their bodies for themselves but they also get to be with their kids.

I also like to see Ro Hee interact with her peers more as she’s often seen alone with her dad.  It’s not that I dislike seeing Ki Tae Young playing with Ro Hee but personally, I think we get to learn more about Ro Hee’s personality when she’s with other kids.

Back at the Five Siblings household, we see that Seol Ah has that mischievous look in her eye as she eyes the rice container.  She and the other kids decide to have a rice confetti party all over the kitchen floor.  I’m just gonna let the screencaps speak for themselves as picture is worth a thousand words.

When Lee Dong Guk finally returns from the bathroom and catches the crew, he immediately freezes up.  Of course, this all brings us back to when Seol Ah spilled a bag of puffed rice all over the floor before.  I can’t but laugh when Lee Dong Guk says how that was a traumatic parenting moment for him.

At first, Seol Ah tries to point the finger to Soo Ah who in turn points the finger to Daebak.  He sits them all down and disciplines them but in a calm voice.  However, he can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation when Seol Ah responds that she just wanted to spill the rice.  Seriously, look at the expression on Seol Ah’s face even though she’s being punished.

And still, the lesson of the day here is that as much as they enjoyed playing with the rice, they must all pitch in together to clean it all up.

Lee Dong Guk then tasks his kids with bringing the rice to the market so that half of that rice can be made into puffed rice while the other half is made into red bean rice cake.  Kids may be kids and sometimes you just can’t stop them from making a giant mess but I love the idea that it can be turned into a delicious treat.

There are so many kids on the show that it’s hard to fit all of them in one episode.  I equally love the co-parenting crew of Yang Dong Geun, Oh Ji Ho and In Gyo Jin.  I look forward to seeing what antics these fathers will get into and how their daughters react in the next episode.  Which kids are you most looking forward to seeing?


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