KCON LA 2016 Updates

Apologies for the late updates!  As you may have noticed, it’s been a little bit hectic with artist and schedule changes for KCON LA.  The same goes for the panel side as we had some changes in who the speakers on the panels will be and who is moderating.  However, I’m here to provide some updates and information.  Similar to NY, I will be speaking on two panels and I am very, very excited about these panels (details below).  For complete details about KCON LA, please be sure to check out the KCON website.  Sometimes changes are made last minute so I recommend that you download the KCON app (Android and iOS) to give you the most up-to-date information and provide you phone notifications to remind you of upcoming panels and other events.

*Update 7/22/16 – See Special Guest list below.

90’S K-POP

Date: Friday – July 29th

Time: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Location: Panel – 152 (Concourse Hall)

Panelists: Chunkeemonkeeato (moderator), Danny Chung, Joe. J. Lee “Kairos”, and Rekstizzy

Many 90’s K-Pop fans say K-Pop of the past beats K-Pop of today, but how true is that and why? We’ll be reminiscing with older generation fans, as well as introducing to today’s fans, the roots of this genre.


Date: Saturday – July 30th

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Location: Panel – 150A (Concourse Hall)

Panelists: Christian Oh (moderator), Chris Park, Chunkeemonkeeato, Miyoko Conley, InRage Entertainment

Find out about the music that may not have reached your iTunes, but will definitely blow your mind once it reaches your ears. We could only be talking about Korean indie music. It’s time to check out the newbies and indie bands from the streets of Korea that should find a home on your playlists!






Oftentimes when I visit other cities, I’m more inclined to drive around than use public transportation because I don’t have to worry about when the last bus or train is going to run.  Although, I did hear that it’s quite convenient to take public transportation to Staples Center as it is in the Downtown Area.  The closest metro stop is the 7th Street/Metro Center Station.  From the station, it is about a 13 minute walk or approximately 4 blocks to the stadium.  However, I think your best bet is to take the bus there.  Bus 30, 81, 439, 442, 460, Silver Line and the DASH Bus Route F all stop near L.A. LIVE.


  • Please note that in order to get into the convention you need to register on the KCON website. Once you have registered, you may have received the Waiver and Release of Liability and Publicity form via email.  Print it up and get it signed before you come.  However, if you’ve received a Convention Admission Voucher, you need to redeem your voucher in person at the South Hall Lobby of the LA Convention Center.
  • Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to check-in. There are 1,000’s of fans that come to the event so expect long check-in lines.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. It’s going to be a looong weekend and there’s a lot of things to see and a lot of waiting that needs to be done in order to see it all.
  • Wear sunscreen.  I know it’s such a mom-thing to say but a few of the events, which include the food vendors, are outdoors.  When I was in KCON LA 2 years ago, the panels and the convention booths were outdoors but thankfully, they moved events inside into air-conditioned loveliness of the LA Convention Center last year.  Yay for not sweltering in the heat!
  • What to eat – The great thing about KCON LA is that it is bigger than KCON NY. Not only will KCON LA have the KCON Food Street x KTOWN Night Market, I also assume that will mean that they will have a larger variety of choices.
  • If you decide to bring your camera, just make sure to check that all of your batteries are fully charged and that you have some extra memory cards. It also doesn’t hurt to clean off everything you currently have on your existing memory cards before you arrive.  Transfer everything you have on those cards to your hard drive at home and start off with a clean slate.  There’s nothing worse in getting halfway through the concert and realizing that you’re out of memory.  Trust me.  It becomes a Sophie’s Choice situation where you have to start deciding what is essential to keep and what to delete in order to make space for new stuff.
  • What if you get a Hi-Touch or Audience Fan Engagement ticket but it’s not the artist or star you want to see? Say hello to the people around you and ask if they are interested in trading.  We all have our biases and there’s a great chance that there will be someone who will be willing to trade with you.
  • Be friendly, say hello, make friends. Events like these are all about standing on line for hours on end.  The time will go by faster if you get to know the fans around.  You already know that you have something in common, right?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, be patient and have fun. From early in the morning to late at night when the concert is over, it’s gonna be a long day with lots of people and lots of activities.  As long as you are prepared and ready to enjoy yourself, it should be a great experience.

If you have questions or you just want to say hello, don’t be shy.  If you can’t find me, I’m on Twitter and Instagram.  Just give a shout!  Looking forward to another great KCON!


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