Just Bananas About: Week of 7/25/16

Woah, I have not been this excited by the first 2 episodes of a drama in a long time.  Show, you had better not let me down because the world of W is not only thrilling and amusing but it’s so imaginative.

We start with Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk).  A 2004 OIympic gold medalist, the world was looking bright for the young competitive pistol shooter.  Until that was all taken away the day his entire family is killed execution style.

Kang Chul becomes the prime suspect as the killer used his gun from the Olympics to kill his family.  However, due to the lack of evidence, Kang Chul is acquitted.  However, he is left all alone in the world and contemplates suicide.  At literally the last moment, he changes his mind and decides to dedicate his life in finding the perpetrator.

We then meet Oh Yun Joo (Han Hyo Joo).  She’s a first year resident as a doctor who is usually bright and cheery.  Many people are fans of her father’s webtoon series, “W,” as the story nears its end, many people are eager to learn who the mysterious killer the protagonist has been chasing all these years.

However, Yun Joo learns that her father, Oh Sung Moo (Kim Eui Sung), has gone missing with a looming deadline for the next chapter.  What’s even more shocking is that she learns that he plans on killing the protagonist without him learning the mysterious killer’s identity.  Yun Joo is shocked and not in favor of this conclusion and frankly, I don’t blame her as fans have spent years following this character and rooting for him.

As Yun Joo stands alone in her dad’s studio, something grabs her from behind and she suddenly gets sucked into a different world.

She notices that a man is bleeding to death on the floor and her doctor instincts kick in as she aims to help him out.  She saves his life but then learns from others that the man’s name is Kang Chul.  She marvels at the coincidence of the man’s name and how it matches the character in her dad’s webtoon.  The building’s security asks her to stand by and give her testimony which she agrees to but as she stands alone, she notices that the words, “to be continued,” are written in the air.  Before she realizes it, she is back in her dad’s studio.

Upon her return, her dad’s assistant, Park Soo Bong (Lee Shi Un) runs into the room saying that her dad must have gone on a retreat to finish the work on his own.  He’s already uploaded this week’s edition.  Yun Joo checks out the computer to discover that a strange woman with her name is helping a bleeding Kang Chul.  She’s been sucked into the world of the webtoon.

The following day, Yun Joo is still unable to make sense of what has happened.  Upon hearing that her dad has returned to the studio, she rushes over to talk to him but he’s strangely vague and cold about her presence.

Later, she hears from Soo Bong that her dad is trying to kill off Kang Chul again by having the nurse at the hospital where he’s being treated inject him with potassium so that his death looks natural.

She calls her dad to stop him and calls him a murderer.  He says that as the webtoon’s creator, he’s a god and tells her to back off.  Yun Joo tries to protest but then soon finds herself back in the other world.

She races to the hospital and stops the nurse in the nick of time.

Kang Chul, his bodyguard, Seo Do Yoon (Lee Tae Hwan) and his secretary and friend, Yoon So Hee (Jung Yoo Jin) are surprised to see her.  They’ve tried looking for her but they were unable to come up with any record of her existence.  They also wonder how she knew that the nurse was up to no good.  Yun Joo doesn’t have any good answers that would make sense.  She promises Kang Chul to tell him everything once he’s discharged from the hospital.

Unfortunately for Yun Joo, that comes a lot sooner than expected as time in the webtoon world does not flow like time in the real world.  Since their original meeting, two months has passed but it’s only been a few hours for Yun Joo.  She hasn’t even gone far from the hospital and Kang Chul picks her up out front.

Noticing that she’s still wearing the same clothes as last time and that the sweater might be too warm for the weather outside, he offers to buy her new clothes.  It’s completely understandable that Yun Joo is freaking out.  She just wants to get out of there and comes up with whatever solution she could think of.

It just dawns on her that the end of a webtoon chapter usually occurs due to a cliffhanger.  Storming out of the dressing room, she marches up to Kang Chul and slaps him in the face.  She looks around for the “to be continued” sign but it is nowhere to be found.

She tries to run away but Kang Chul stops her wanting an explanation.  So if it wasn’t the slap, then maybe it’s something else?  She leans in to kiss him.  Haha, I love her line of thinking.

Kang Chul is at a loss for words but suddenly she sees the “to be continued” sign forming.  She races into the dressing room because she knows that she’s going to disappear.  Once Kang Chul regains his senses, he chases after her and finds the room empty.  There are no exits in the room so how did she disappear?

Soo Bong goes to talk to Yun Joo’s father about the new cuts that have appeared online.  Sung Moo is not happy.

Despite Yun Joo’s plea, Sung Moo angrily tells her to stay out of it and decides to end Kang Chul’s life once and for all through a car crash.  In the webtoon world, Kang Chul notices the truck heading straight for him.

Everything in Kang Chul’s world seems to freeze except that he becomes aware of it.  It’s a strange sight but Kang Chul is determined not to die and so he swerves out of the way and narrowly escapes being hit by the truck.

To Sung Moo’s horror, he notices that his drawing of the car crash changing before his eyes.  The drawing pulls back with Kang Chul’s thoughts, “Who the hell are you?”  What’s so interesting is now that Kang Chul has now become aware of the inconsistencies in his world and that there are forces beyond his control.  Now I’m intrigued to see what choices he will make in response to that.

As for Yun Joo, it’s going to be quite an interesting conversation when she reveals to Kang Chul that she is not from that world but that her father has created Kang Chul and essentially planning to get rid of him to wrap up the story.  To Kang Chul, this is the force that has been ruining his life this entire time but he also has to grapple with the fact that he might not be real.  If I were in Kang Chul’s shoes, only two words would come to mind: Mind blown.


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