Just Bananas About: Week of 8/8/16

I’ve been looking forward to this Fantastic Duo.  This week we got the Diva special featuring Gummy, Bada and Yoon Mi Rae.  The first episode dealt mostly with Bada and Yoon Mi Rae but I quite enjoyed watching their various contestants competing for the coveted spot to go up against the reigning champs, Kim Gun Mo and Masan Sulli.

I have to admit that I was mostly looking forward to seeing Yoon Mi Rae come on.  Because Tiger JK promised that he and Yoon Mi Rae would come on when he was on the episode where he collaborated with Kim Soo Hee, she eventually did come on to fulfill that promise.  He also showed up to the studio dressed in slippers and shorts, clearly not dressed for the camera.  And of course, leave it to this couple to have a slight couple fight on camera.

So the first singer to find their duet partner was Bada and she said that she chose to go with S.E.S’ “Just a Feeling” rather than her own song, “Mad”.  She feared about the number of crazies that would come out if she chose that song.  Hahaha.

However, she did get one “mad” fan, Chungdamdong Wife, in the form of new mom who had been a fan of her and S.E.S ever since she was young.  The other contestants were Prince of the Seas and Dongdaemun Moon.

After watching the audition video, I was amused to see that Yoon Mi Rae wanted to collaborate with Bada and they did by creating a remix version of “Just a Feeling”.

While Chungdamdong Wife and Dongdaemun Moon were excellent singers, I felt that their voices either resembled Bada’s own voice or the other S.E.S. members too much.  So I’m glad that she decided to go with Prince of the Seas who actually looked and sounded much better in the studio rather than this audition video.

As for Yoon Mi Rae, her audition number was the song, “Memories”.  What’s really unique about her contestants is that they all freestyle rapped for their audition video.  They all seemed to share their own struggles that made the compilation audition video truly unique from any other audition I’ve seen on the show to date.

Out of everyone who auditioned, which included the PD’s from Laws of the Jungle and Running Man, the three finalists were Rooftop Speaker, Doksandong Baldy, Hongdae Lynx.

Rooftop Speaker had an incredibly powerful voice.  It was hilarious to see Doksandong Baldy as he literally looks like a gangster but is actually quite mild-mannered.  However, I was most taken with Hongdae Lynx because of her backstory.  She sounds and looks very much like AOA’s Jimin which I think would create a nice harmony along with Yoon Mi Rae’s husky voice but the thing both women have in common is that they are half-Korean and had to deal with the prejudice of that in Korea.  Since the song that they’re going to sing for the finals is “검은 행복 (Black Happiness),” I think the impact of the lyrics in that song will be stronger if they can relate to that issue.

Next week, we still have to find the duet partner for Gummy.  It was interesting when she first came out on the show singing, “You Are My Everything” from the Descendants of the Sun OST.  I didn’t feel like her voice was in the best condition.  Was it just me?  However, judging by the previews, it seems that her voice will recover in time for the finals.  Will it be enough to beat Kim Gun Mo and Masan Sulli?  We’ll just have to wait and see but I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.


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