Monkey Poo: W is being postponed due to the Olympics

We know that it comes every 4 years.  And still, I’m bummed every time one of my shows are postponed due to the Olympics.  And so comes the news this week that Episodes 7 and 8 of W will be postponed because of Olympic coverage.

Update 8/10/16 – Woohoo!  It looks like Episode 7 scheduled to air today was not delayed.  However, the programming schedule is still up in the air for tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

A lot of folks seem to be blaming MBC saying that they should have predicted this but all kidding aside, it’s not something that can easily be predicted.  They have somewhat of a schedule of when certain matches will take place but MBC and the other 2 major networks need to decide what games they will feature as they can’t overlap each other.  If there isn’t a lot of buzz for certain matches, then they can decide not to feature it but that’s hard to predict as well.  Furthermore, a network needs to always have a backup in place as it’s not typical for a major Korean broadcast network to do re-runs like we see here in the States.  Also, it’s hard to predict whether a drama will be a mediocre success compared to a breakaway hit so I suspect that these are the reasons why they decided not to delay broadcast of the drama overall.

Finally, if the drama is good, it’s still going to be good no matter when they air it.  I realize patience is a virtue and it’s something that I’m not very good at myself.  Plus, MBC may still decide to air a few of the episodes back-to-back.  Still, don’t judge me if you see me sulking this week.  I’m just gonna crawl back into bed and re-watch Episode 5 and 6… for about the 50th time.


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