[Review] Let’s Fight, Ghost – 싸우자 귀신아


Park Bong Pal (Ok Taek Yeon) has been able to see ghosts ever since he was a child.  He uses his ability to exorcise ghosts that he’s able to fight in order to make money to take away the ability to see ghosts entirely.  Hired to deal with a haunting at a school, he encounters Kim Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun), a feisty high school student who died five years prior from a traffic accident.  Hyun Ji’s not sure why she hasn’t been able to move on but becomes convinced that Bong Pal can help her out.  In return, she agrees to help him fight the stronger ghosts.  They team up in an attempt to hunt malevolent ghosts and solve the problems of other ghosts so that their spirits can move on.

Ryu Ji Hyun, Kim Min Ji – 너만 보여 (I Only See You)

류지현 , 김민지 – 너만 보여

I guess there is a trend with casting young female actress with much older counterparts.  I’m not so much bothered by it as I believe what’s important is that the actor and actress both sell whatever part they’re playing, which includes depicting different ages.  However, I also think it is important that the production staff has a responsibility to protect and respect all the members of the cast and crew.

Similar to how precautions are taken whenever filming an action scene, I think precautions can be taken with the filming and the script and this team has done a good job in creating a romantic subplot without going over the line.  Plus, what Kim So Hyun and Ok Taek Yeon do so well is playing spirited and immature characters that it was quite enjoyable to watch their banter and camaraderie.

Adding to the camaraderie, I loved the scenes involving the members of the Ghost Net club, Choi Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and Kim In Rang (Lee David) who provided much of the comic relief for the drama.  Kang Ki Young is quite good in playing that guy who is ridiculous and impractical.  In fact, he’s played a character like that before for Oh My Ghost.  To balance out Chun Sang’s foolishness, there’s Kim In Rang who is supportive but has a bit more sensibility.  It was surprising to see Lee David in this role.  Similar to Kim So Hyun, he was a child actor most known for being casted as the younger version of adult characters, especially in dramatic, sageuk roles and was last seen in Mirror of the Witch as the powerless King Myung Jong.  However, it was delightful to see him play up his comic side because he is hilarious.

On the other hand, I felt a bit indifferent when it came to Joo Hye Sung (Kwon Yul) and Monk Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho).  They are important characters when it comes to the main plot but rather than having an emotional connection with their characters, I regarded them merely as a tool to advance the plot.  I had seen these actors in various projects over the years and perhaps had been expecting something different from them.  While their characters’ backstories were compelling, especially Hye Sung’s, I felt the performances were just mediocre.

Perhaps one of the most important things about the drama are the main characters and while I was compelled by Bong Pal and Hyun Ji’s backstory, I found the ghost of the week stories engaging.  The good thing about the show was that it had a clear format and it worked well for the weekly episodic.  However, it was the weekly ghost appearances that kept the drama fresh and viewers were treated to some great cameos and guest appearances.  It also planted important thematic elements that furthered the drama’s main plot.

While the structure of the drama worked great for its pacing, I can’t really say that there were any surprises really.  I’m not sure if Bong Pal and Hyun Ji’s story was ripped directly from the webtoon series but the clues in their backstory were embedded right in the first episode so it was easy to see what direction the drama wanted to take with their characters.  The other thing about the show is that it reminded me of Oh My Ghost a lot.  You have a plucky, female ghost, a moody, male lead and the evil force that has taken the life of the female character.  I guess casting Kang Ki Young in the same type of role didn’t help in preventing comparisons.

And yet, there are some thematic differences between the two.  Oh My Ghost’s Kang Sun Woo’s (Jo Jung Seok) dilemma was figuring out whether he had fallen in love with Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), the living person, or Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), the ghost who is inhabiting her.  As for Bong Pal, his dilemma was about figuring out whether it was possible to have a relationship with someone that only he could see as if they were having a long-distance relationship between the living and spiritual planes.  Despite the ghost aspect being a fantasy element, I think the dramas presented the main characters’ dilemmas in a relatable way.

The drama has a lot of enjoyable elements.  It’s paced well, the cast and the characters are likable and the ghosts in the drama were scary at times adding to the thrill as well as being funny when the situation called for it.  The plot twists add an element of intrigue without disrupting the consistency of the drama’s logic.  With a plot that easy to follow along, the good chemistry between the cast and the fun, antics that the characters get into, it’s easy to see why the show was entertaining.



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