Jive Monkey Playlist: 10/21/16

Today, I’m featuring some women of the K-Indie music scene.  Though their styles are very different, both artists write their own music.  They are very expressive and poetic as they describe whirlwind of feelings and emotions.

Kang Echae is part of the duo Echae En Route.  I was first introduced to them by one my fellow panelist during the Indie Music panel at KCON this year.  The duo also performed on the convention floor as well as opening the KCON concert on the last day.  Kang Echae recently released her first solo album as a singer-songwriter and it’s quite a unique blend of loungey vibes and alternative sounds.  She studied music at the Berklee College of Music and is a classic violinist as well as a vocalist.

The album as a whole has a very gypsy and loungey vibe.  One of my favorites is the title track, “Radical Paradise,” which has the most colorfully, dynamic sound out of all of the song on the album.  The ethereal sounds and the rock-bass vibe of the violin seem to transport you to another place and time.  And yet, the singing comes off distant listing some cold, methodical observation of this relationship read like a stream of consciousness.  There’s a very trippy atmosphere to the song but the violin performance is quite extraordinary.

*The video is only a teaser with the full track below.

Kang Echae – Radical Paradise

강이채(Echae Kang) – Radical Paradise

Radical Paradise

스쳐만 가도 아련하던
그댈 안아주던 어린 숲은
아무런 말도 없이 타버리고
그댄 그저 멍하니 바라봐요

Are you
Ready dear
For radical paradise

조금씩 흩어져 간 동화 위로
끝없는 도시들을 채워 넣고
필 곳 없던 그대의 하얀 꽃이
그대를 불러주길 바라나요

Are you
Ready dear
For radical paradise

모두들 하얀 집을 지으려 하며
갖고 있던 얼굴을 잃어가
모두들 하얀 집을 지으려 하며
갖고 있던 얼굴을 잃어가

Radical Paradise

Faint, even though you brush past
The young forest that embraced you
Burned up without words
You just stare blankly at it

Are you
Ready dear
For radical paradise

Above the fairy tale that’s gone and dispersed a bit
Stocked with endless cities
Your white flower that’s got nowhere to bloom
Are you hoping that I’d call for you?

Are you
Ready dear
For radical paradise

Everyone is building white houses
Losing the faces that they had
Everyone is building white houses
Losing the faces that they had


Sweden Laundry released their 2nd studio album this week.  While their sound is very consistent in its subdued, mellow vibe, the emotions and experiences expressed are varied.  One of the songs I fell in love with was “두 손, 너에게 (with 최백호) (Two Hands, Towards You (with Choi Baek Ho))”.

It’s a song in which she expresses fears about the future and lists her worries.  What’s so lovely is that veteran singer Choi Baek Ho lends his voice and reassures Choi In Young that all will be well because he won’t let her plunge into the dark depths of this scary world alone.  His voice is calm and comforting like that of a grandfather comforting his granddaughter.

Sweden Laundry – 두 손, 너에게 (with 최백호) (Two Hands, Towards You (with Choi Baek Ho))

스웨덴세탁소 – 두 손, 너에게 (with 최백호)

두 손, 너에게 (with 최백호)

지금 그리고 있는 미래도
아주 오래 전
매일을 꾸었던 꿈처럼
작은 두 손가락에 걸어두었던
간절했던 약속처럼

사랑했었던 것들이
자꾸 사라지는 일들은
그 언젠가엔 무뎌지기도 하나요
난 아직 그대로인데
내게 닿는 시선들은
변한 것 같은데
뭘 어떻게 해야 하죠

걱정 말아라
너의 세상은 아주 강하게
널 감싸 안고 있단다
나는 안단다
그대로인 것 같아도
아주 조금씩 넌
나아가고 있단다

캄캄한 우주 속에서
빛나는 별들을 찾아서
눈을 깜빡이는
넌 아주 아름답단다

수많은 망설임 끝에
내딛은 걸음에 잡아준
두 손을 기억할게요

Two Hands, Towards You (with Choi Baek Ho)

Will I disappear
Now, and the future that we have
For a long time
Like a dream I dreamt every day
Will I be forgotten
Hanging on two, small fingers
Earnest, like a promise

The things I loved
The things that keep disappearing
That one day it might be buried
But I’m still the same way
The looks that are reaching me
Seems like they have changed
What am I supposed to do

Don’t worry
Your world is firmly
Holding on to you
I know
It’s like things are as they are
Really slowly, you
Are getting better

Inside the dark world
Finding the bright stars
Making my eyes blink
You are really pretty

At the end of incalculable reluctances
Taking my first steps, you held on
With two hands that I’ll remember


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