Just Bananas About: Week of 10/24/16

Even though we only had one episode Moon Lovers that aired last week, I have to admit that it didn’t bother me as much.  While I completely relished the fact that 3 episodes aired in the first week, there was something about the fact that each week ended with an odd numbered episode that kept throwing me off.  Like I missed watching an episode by the time Monday rolled around.  Anyways, even though we only had one episode last week, it was jammed packed with a lot of drama and romance.

The rivalry between the brothers always existed in the drama but after the death of King Taejo the tensions have reached its peak.  With the return of Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun), he swiftly took out his ailing brother, Wang Mu (Kim San Ho), and takes the throne for himself.  Wang So (Lee Jun Ki) and his other brothers are in a tough position but they fall in line.  However, Yo must secure the throne and in order to do so, he must remove anyone who may be a threat to him.  His first target is Wang Eun (Byun Baek Hyun) and his family.  It’s important to know that within this drama, Eun himself was never a threat to Yo but rather it’s his family and his wife’s family that could yield enough power to stage a coup.  His wife was Park Soon Duk (Z. Hera) who is the daughter of General Park Soo Kyung (Sung Dong Il).

After Yo’s guards are able to take out Soon Duk and Eun has been hurt by Yo’s arrows, Eun asks So to take him out so that he could be with his wife.  Though Eun was initially against marrying Soon Duk, he had grown fond of her over time.  She may not have been his first love like Hae Soo (IU) but he was determined not to leave her side even if that meant dying with her.

Conflicted, So resists at first but makes the painful decision to grant Eun his wish.

It’s the vision that Soo had when she saw So taking out his brothers but now that she understands the context she realizes how wrong she had been about So.

Despite his anger, General Park Soo Kyung does not incite a coup.  Instead, he agrees to leave the palace with his allies.  However, we see that So, Choi Ji Mong (Kim Sung Kyun), Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) and the General secretly met about So’s desire to become king.  King Taejo had believed that the stars determined that the So was going to be king but General Park had been waiting to see what sacrifices So would make in order to become king.  Unfortunately, So makes the sacrifice to walk away from his feelings for Soo.  Wang Jung (Ji Soo) also decides to leave the palace, choosing to go to the outskirts of Goryeo in order to secure the borderlines.  Although Yo protests on behalf of their mother, Queen Sinmyeongsunseong (Park Ji Young), he refuses saying that he’s been a coward far too long.  He leaves Yo with the arrows he pulled out of Eun as reminder of what Yo did to him.

Two years pass by and Yo is plagued by the guilt of his deeds.  It seems that anyone who is seated on the throne is plagued with the heavy burden of what they did in order to stay on the throne and Yo is unable to bear the guilt of killing his brothers.  Though Yo is surrounded by talismans and does rituals to ward away the spirits, it seems that he’s gone mad.

Soo has eagerly waited for So to return to the palace but when he does, he doesn’t acknowledge her.  He just keeps pushing her away but Yo notices.  Upon seeing the two together, he aims his arrow at Soo.  Seeing Yo, So is able to push Soo away at the last moment but not before the arrow grazes his arm.  Yo is clearly playing mindgames with So but at the moment So is not able to retaliate.

So leaves the palace again in order to treat his wound and through Baek Ah, Soo finds out and chases after him.

When So wakes up to find Soo there, he pushes her away again and she pleads and asks whether he still loves her or not.  Finally unable to push his feelings aside, they consummate their love.  Away from the palace, the two can finally be a couple without the risk of Yo using Soo in order to manipulate So.

Lee Hi – 내 사랑 (MY LOVE)

이하이 – 내 사랑 (MY LOVE)

I have to admit that the scene below made me laugh a little as it reminded me of the SNL Korea skit parodying 50 Shades of Grey.

Unfortunately for the lovebirds, their retreat doesn’t last long.  Choi Ji Mong arrives to tell them that the king is not doing well.

It dawns on Soo that So has already made the decision to become king and that was the reason he had left her.  She asks him what he would do if she asked him to give up the throne and he responds by saying that he’d wait until he could convince her.  Though she reminds him that he once said that he would give up the throne for her, he tells her that because they promised they would be honest with each other, he’s just being honest with her now.

It’s a bittersweet conversation but in some ways, I understand how So feels.  If it truly is his destiny to become king, now is the time to make a strike and somehow I feel that Soo understands that even though her heart is conflicted.  I actually find So’s honesty refershing.  Though status quo may sounds like the path of least resistance, So recognizes that the bigger picture is that there is too much at stake for Goryeo.

I expect that there will be more heartbreak this week but for now, I’m glad to see that the lovebirds have been able to get some relief of the melee of palace politics.


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