Just Bananas About: Week of 11/14/16

Apologies for the late post this week as I’ve been enjoying some time away and just made it back home Sunday night.  I still have a lot of shows to catch up on but there were a few dramas I’ve managed to keep up with.  There have been a few dramas featuring the topic of affairs and I was curious to check out This Week, My Wife’s Having an Affair based on a Japanese drama.  Not only did I find the premise interesting but I love the main cast members.  And so, I had to wonder if the drama would be melo or if they would lean towards comedy.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a good blend of both giving it a realistic, bittersweet, tragically comical feel to it.

The drama starts off with Do Hyun Woo (Lee Sun Kyun), who is a television producer.  He discovers that his lovely wife, Jung Soo Yeon (Song Ji Hyo), is having an affair.  Not knowing what to do and unable to turn to his friends, he turns to the internet for advice from anonymous people.

As much as it would be easy to point the finger at Soo Yeon for having the affair, I do think that there are two sides to this story.  With the exception of the affair, the drama paints Soo Yeon as a very doting wife and mother at the very beginning of the drama.  In fact, it’s Hyun Woo that often neglects his family and puts the weight of raising their child all on Soo Yeon and it’s poignant to note that Soo Yeon appears happily devoted.  On the one hand, I can see how shocked Hyun Woo is but I can also see how resentful Soo Yeon must have felt.

Even Hyun Woo’s mom jumps to the conclusion that Hyun Woo must have been the one to have an affair.  She tries to help the couple out by taking care of their child, Joon Soo, as the couple try to work out their problems on their own.  However, it’s understandable that Soo Yeon is plagued with guilt.  So she finally tells her mother-in-law the truth and honestly, I was expecting screaming and yelling but was pleasantly surprised to discover that her mother-in-law did not overreact.  As shocked as she must have felt, she knows Soo Yeon in a way that we haven’t discovered yet.  While she doesn’t condone her actions, she does understand that it’s tough to be a working, underappreciated mom.  After all, they are both women but she tells Soo Yeon that no matter what happens between her and Hyun Woo, the most important thing is Joon Soo’s well-being.  Their dialogue is quite enlightening.

Park Won – 실수 (Mistake)

박원 – 실수

I have to admit that one of the frustrating things about the drama is that we only really got to hear Hyun Woo’s side of the story.  And yet, I really truly want the two to have an honest dialogue about what lead Soo Yeon to commit to having an affair.  Perhaps, there really isn’t any reason but just the feeling of resentment.  However, I have to believe that it wasn’t an easy decision for Soo Yeon to make.  And so by dragging it out, the drama has me tuning in every week just to find out her side of the story.

Meanwhile, Hyun Woo’s company is developing a new program all about wives who cheat.  What causes them to cheat?  What do these wives get out of it?  And if wives can forgiving their cheating husbands, why can’t the husbands forgive their cheating wives?

However, I’m less interested in the subject matter of the TV program than watching the anonymous internet commenters react to Hyun Woo’s original post and subsequent updates.  They are the other character in this drama which add another layer of dialogue into this complicated problem.

As for the other main characters in this drama, I’m amused by watching the cat and mouse game between Choi Yoon Ki (Kim Hee Won) and his wife, Eun Ah Ra (Ye Ji Won).  Ah Ra doesn’t believe that the cheating is valid unless they get caught and she’s always trying to catch Yoon Ki in the act but he always manages to be one step ahead.

These two add a layer of comic relief to the drama which contracts with the Hyun Woo and Soo Yeon couple.  As much as Yoon Ki’s behavior is horrible, he can teach a masterclass in making women fall for him.  It’s terrible but amusing at the same time but I personally cannot wait until Ah Ra catches him and see how their story will turn out as she’s quite smart herself.

As for Ahn Joon Young (Lee Sang Yeob), I didn’t quite understand his relationship with Kwon Bo Young (BoA).  Is it an office romance?  A one-time affair?  Then this week, we finally got some more backstory on Joon Young and his marriage.  His wife had left him three days into his marriage and he’s been pretending that he’s been married all this time.

Whether the once-married-and-then-divorced Bo Young is now the girl for Joon Young remains to be seen but I have to commend Lee Sang Yeob on his comic acting.  He was quite dark and stoic for his role in Master: God of Noodles and his cameo in Doctors.  He’s quite hilariously pathetic that it is adorable.

Hyun Woo has been quite angry and reacting by confronting Soo Yeon’s lover.  He also felt the need to let the lover’s wife know just exactly what’s been going on and Soo Yeon has had to endure the embarrassment of the wife demeaning her.

Now, it seems that Hyun Woo is finally open to having an honest dialogue with his wife.  He’s seen how hard she tries to do her best for Joon Soo as well as trying to work full-time.  He may yell at her for trying to come across as a supermom but I also believe that he also respects her for that.

Unfortunately for him, Soo Yeon is in a different place, emotionally.  What that means for the success or failure of their marriage remains to be seen.


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