Just Bananas About: Week of 11/21/16

I was a little worried when I saw the new cast of the Three Meals a Day with Lee Seo Jin.  I guess I was so used to seeing the chemistry between Lee Seo Jin, Ock Taecyeon and Kim Kwang Kyu but I’ve been enjoying watching Eric, Yoon Kyun Sang and the cats, Mong and Kung.

Well this episode starts off with the group waking up expecting to make Rice Cake Soup.  Eric had set aside some beef the night before in order to make the beef stock.  However, a neighbor’s cat made their way into the kitchen to feast on the meat for itself.  The cat leaves literally just enough to make the stock and one serving a beef, which Eric and Kyun Sang joke that it’s enough beef for Seo Jin, who is the eldest.

Eric decides to make dried, seasoned radish and stewed beans to pad the side dishes.  The thing is that Mong and Kung had previously tore into the Ziploc bag of dried radishes.  Apparently, the cats are all out for their food.  However, he manages to make breakfast work and the guys wrap up breakfast with some ripe persimmons and mandarin oranges.

After the meal, the boys head out to fish and they’ve been having a hard time catching enough fish to make a decent meal.  Today, their luck seems to be changing in their favor.  As soon as Seo Jin throws his line in, he manages to catch a sea bass.

Even as the group take a break to eat some lunch, Na PD runs over excitedly to tell them that the lines that they just left in the water managed to catch another fish.

The rest of the afternoon Kyun Sang and Eric are tasked with catching more fish enough for dinner.  Their morning luck doesn’t disappoint as the two catching not only enough fish for dinner but Kyun Sang’s bucket is too small to contain their catch of the day.

Meanwhile, Seo Jin heads over to yuzu farm to pick the fruit to make the yuzu syrup.  I looove yuzu and I suddenly want to make my own yuzu syrup.  I just wish it was a fruit that is easier to find in the States at a decent price.

Just as Seo Jin is finished with steep the yuzu peel and flesh in sugar, the boys return home with their catch.  Seo Jin is surprised to discover how many fish they caught and the fact that they were also able to catch an eel.

Tonight, they don’t have to worry about food and Eric’s menu tonight is fish stew, sea bass sashimi, sautéed sea bass and grilled eel.  I’m amused that as Eric and Kyun Sang are busy preparing dinner, Seo Jin finds time to just sit around to dry his wet socks.

Kyun Sang also has a bit of a mishap with placing the eel too close to the flame at the suggestion of his sunbaes but he is able to salvage it for the dinner table.

Na PD comments how they seem to do their meals like a course dinner at a fancy restaurant.  The first course it the sea bass sashimi.  The main course is the fish stew, sautéed sea bass and grilled eel.

As the boys are unable to hide how good the food is, Mong and Kung look out longingly and I hope they gave some of the fish to the cats as well.

However, that didn’t stop the Food Lupin (aka Na PD) from stealing a taste of tonight’s meal.  It is probably the first meal since they arrived on the island that was truly filling.

After dinner, Eric mentions how the cats used to be shy when he first met them.  Now, they have no qualms about walking over his head as the cats play tag in the mornings.  As a special treat for Seo Jin, the boys decide to leave the two cats with their sunbae and Seo Jin can’t help but smile.  He tries not to show but it’s obvious that Seo Jin has a great affinity for animals.


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