Just Bananas About: Week of 12/12/16

It’s already the end of the year and we’re down to the final Bananas post for this year.  Recently, there have been a lot of changes to the Sunday variety show line-up and one of the newest programs is Secretly, Greatly, which is basically a candid camera program featuring celebrities.  The show is hosted by Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Su Geun, Lee Gook Joo, Kim Hee Chul and John Park.

This week, Actress Hong Eun Hee puts in a request to the team so that they could play a prank on her husband.  Not Yoo Joon Sang but rather her work husband, Actor Park Geun Hyung.  Apparently, he’s taken up the sport of golf for about a year now.  Now, that doesn’t necessarily make him an expert by any means but it’s clear that he wants to be.

As a young pro golfer watches him warm up, she gives him a tip and even though he’s open to listening to it, he obviously thinks he can play better than he think he can.  So he tries to gives his next warm up shot everything’s he got, except… he whacks the crap out of the ball.

The prank itself is meant to boost his ego.  The team has got it all planned out in stages.  For the early holes, they will allow Park Geun Hyung to play based on his own skill.  Afterwards, they’ll allow him to get a birdie and they eventually a hole-in-one. The computerized game is rigged and the team can manipulate where the ball will fall through a remote control.  The group tests out the game themselves before Park Geun Hyung arrives to ensure that it works well.  Lee Su Geun marvels how the show rigged an air conditioning remote just for this prank.

When he arrives at the shop, he notices a sweepstakes contest.  Anyone who submits money for this contest and achieves a hole-in-one will win the grand cash prize, which is about $1,800 dollars.

So Park Geun Hyung is trying his hardest to play well but his balls never seems to go straight to hit the fairway.  He seems quite upset about it.

Then during one course, he hits the ball farther than he ever been able to hit before.  And suddenly, for the next shot, he hits a birdie.  The shots are of course manipulated by John Park who is watching behind the scenes.  As soon as he hits the birdie, the golf club manager comes in with a new set of clubs as a prize for hitting the birdie.

As soon as he gains some confidence, it doesn’t go beyond him to give Hong Eun Hee a few pointers on how to hit well.

However, the team has engineered things so that Park Geun Hyung rides a rollercoaster wave of emotion so that his winning streak won’t appear suspicious.  And then at the 8th hole, Park Geun Hyung finally hits the hole-in-one.  It’s obvious that he’s surprised but overjoyed.

The manager comes back in to confirm that he’s hit the hole-in-one and says that not only does he win the cash prize but he also gets a chance at winning a surprise grab bag gift.  The gift Park Geun Hyung picks out?  A brand new car!  Park Geun Hyung’s excitement is overwhelming.  So much so that Lee Soo Geun is too scared to go in and tell him that it was all a prank.

Not only that but Hong Eun Hee has Park Geun Hyung make a video to his wife for the incredibly lucky streak he’s experiencing that day.  The manager tells him that Promotional Representative for the prizes he’s won wants to take a picture.  Yoon Jong Shin comes in and although he’s surprised to see him there, it doesn’t immediately occur to him that its odd.  However, Lee Soo Geun and then John Park and then Park Geun Hyung asks if this is a candid camera.  He can’t believe how he was duped until they show him how the game was rigged.

For the other prank of the day, the members of B1A4 has decided that they want to play a prank on their leader, Jin Young.  Apparently, he pranks his team members often and although Jin Young is known for staying cool under pressure, they also know that he believes in ghost stories.  The team has a horror spectacle made just for him.

While Jin Young is off doing an interview for what he thinks is a new variety show, the group are gathered in their practice studio to practice their next title song, aptly named, “악몽 (Nightmare)”.  So the team goes through some final checks and Kim Hee Chul is nervous that they won’t be able to pull things off because some of the members of B1A4 and their manager are bad at acting.  They are either over-the-top (Sandeul) or completely wooden (B1A4’s manager).

However, they decide to go through with it anyways.  When Jin Young arrives, they show him cuts from their latest music video and behind Sandeul, they see a ghostly figure.  The image was obviously manipulated by the team but the manager tells Jin Young that nothing was done to the shot.  As spooky as the image is, the manager tells them that this is good news because it is K-Pop lore that Lee Seung Hwan broke it big when a “ghost” appeared in one of his music videos.

Later as the group is practicing their dance moves, Jin Young hears weird moaning sounds in the track.  Sounds that weren’t previously there.  As Jin Young composes and writes many of the songs for the group, he’s very sensitive to noises.  Jin Young tries to laugh it off but it is clear that he is freaked out by it but the group decides to resume their practice.

Except Jin Young stands around listening very carefully to the track while the other members practice.  He doesn’t seem to hear anything the second time around.  The choreographer asks the manager to play the track one more time and they begin to hear the weird noises again.  Jin Young asks CNU if the sounds are supposed to be part of the track as CNU composed this song and CNU confirms that he did not.

The manager tells them to take five while he tries to figure out whether the problem is with the audio file or the speakers.  The group sits around and now each of the members has to find an excuse to leave the room. They exit one by one and Baro asks Jin Young for his phone to play a game because his own phone is out of battery.  Jin Young relents but doesn’t let his phone out of his sight so Baro is the only member that is unable to escape.

The rest of the group watch from another room as the lights go out.  Then sparks begin to fly and they see the appearance of a young, female ghost.

Jin Young tries to flee but his manager is holding the door shut from the outside.

When the lights go back on, they see another bigger ghost punching a hole through a wall.  Instead of being scared, Jin Young is confused because he recognizes the ghost as Lee Gook Joo.  Baro is trying to hold back his laughter and finally the members all file back into the room to let him know that he was at the center of this prank.

I’m amused that Jin Young is jumpy even after the prank as the young girl who played the young ghost managed to some slip into the room behind the group without anyone noticing.

The candid camera show is a concept that will never grow old.  It’s all a matter of how far you go with these pranks and so far they’ve been entertaining.  It’s a great way to see your favorite celebrities in a new light.  Now, if we could get some celebrities to react with a little cursing.


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