Just Bananas About: Week of 1/9/16

The boys are back causing mischief and chaos in the West and they’ve got two more members to join in the fun.  New Journey to the West made its debut last week on Navercast with a preview into the new season and more specifically the new members that will be joining them, WINNER’s Song Mino and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.  Clearly, the two new members worried about joining the show because this type of variety show was new for them.  They might be good at games but they have no idea how to be underhanded and sneaky.

After the initial meeting with the crew and cast, Song Mino and Kyuhyun got a taste of what it was going to be like on the show in a big way.  But it probably didn’t even turn out the way Na PD expected either.  He got the crew together to get a sense of their level of understanding of English.  Kang Ho Dong felt like he did better than expected but still ended up with a C.  Lee Su Geun tried to get way with talking in fake Chinese.  Kyuhyun and Ahn Jae Hyun was able to converse just enough to warrant getting a B.  Since Eun Ji Won lived in Hawaii for 4 years as a teenager, he was able to converse enough to get an A.  I expected Song Mino to do better because he raps but I certainly don’t think he deserved an A.

Afterwards, the groups heads to the offices of the production crew and Kang Ho Dong insists on making them all ramyun.  Of course, he decides to make 10 servings of it all at the same time in a single pot.  It ends up looking like porridge and it doesn’t help that he left some egg shells in the pot when he cracked open the eggs but the group eats it until they’re all full.

For the next mission, the group was supposed to head to “Texas” which is why Na PD wanted to evaluate their English skills.  I’m not sure if he literally meant Texas in the US and neither does the cast.  However, Kang Ho Dong inadvertently picks up a small bat and ball and starts bouncing it around.  And then, Na PD bets that collectively Ahn Jae Hyun, Kyu Hyun and Song Mino can’t bounce it more than 20 times.  He says that he’s been working in Variety for a long time and he can just tell by looking at their faces.  If the group wins, they can go home.

We all know that Ahn Jae Hyun is not at all athletic but he manages to bounce the ball 5 times.  However, Kyuhyun bounces the ball so well that it not only surpasses the 20 mark but beyond that number.  As promised, the group should now be allowed to go home and they are thrilled.

Unfortunately for Na PD, he had a lot of planned at the “Texas” location.  In fact, there is a whole staff there waiting for them with lots and lots of props.  He calls them to give them the bad news that they have to wrap out of that location.

As everyone gets ready to go home, Kyuhyun starts feeling bad for winning the game.  He feels like he messed up the shoot and starts beating himself up over it.  The rest of the cast tell him that it’s fine and that it’s just the nature of the show but Kyuhyun can’t help it.  So much so that he ends up not leaving the location.  In fact, though the other cast members leave to go home, they actually return in order to just hang out.  Everyone comes back except for Eun Ji Won who gets a testy when he hears that he has to come back.

Later on, they all end up in front of Eun Ji Won’s house and he comes out fully dressed, packed and ready to go.  As soon as they see him, the group is ecstatic.  Eun Ji Won tells them that he brought his passport with him because he wasn’t sure if they were going to make him board a plane.  They laugh and all turn ready to leave and he’s like I came all the down here with my stuff and we’re not going anywhere?  It turns out that after the cameras were turned off, the four youngest cast members all went out to drink for another round anyways, which included Eun Ji Won.

However, what we failed to see from earlier that day was a scene with Na PD and Song Mino.  Song Mino had just looked at his fortune so Na PD did the same.  The fortune advised Na PD to keep his mouth shut in order for him to say groundless things which would just cause a big headache.  Turns out, that fortune came out to be true.

Days later, the group gathers for their trip out west.  Since there are two more members in the group, they incorporated two characters from Dragon Ball, specifically Bulma and Master Roshi.  The only hitch is that if you are assigned these two characters, there’s a limited amount in which you can bring with you on the trip.  Roshi can only take what he can fit into a turtle shell backpack and Bulma has to dress up like a girl and take only what he can carry.

I can’t imagine a better person to be Bulma than Eun Ji Won as he wears the wig so well.  Lee Soo Geun ends up being Master Roshi and Kyuhyun ends up being the Monkey King.  The embarrassing thing for Eun Ji Won and Kyuhyun is that they both have to be dressed in their costumes as they leave Korea.  People at Incheon airport did not hesitate to take pictures of them and send it to the show.  They even had to be in costume through customs and immigration.  I mean, how are they supposed to explain that to the immigration officer?

When the group reaches their accommodations in Guilin, China, it is the middle of the night.  However, they are told that Na PD will send them a mission in the morning.  The group can sleep in until 8AM and the first 3 people on the bus will get to eat breakfast.  The group all gets ready for bed but it’s a learning experience for Kyuhyun and Song Mino as the cameras are on 24/7.  Ahn Jae Hyun has no qualms about being all lovey dovey on the phone to his wife, Ku Hye Sun but Song Mino keeps staring at this suitcase not knowing what to do.

Eun Ji Won has done this a few times and so he plans on sleeping fully dressed in his costume so all he has to do is wake up and run to the bus.

In fact, he wakes up earlier than almost everyone.  As soon as he’s out the door, he tries to lock the other guys’ room from the outside but Kang Ho Dong and Ahn Jae Hyun are on to him.  Jae Hyun’s hands are thin enough to slip through the crack.

Meanwhile, Song Mino is dead asleep not aware of what’s going on.  Kyuhyun wakes up from all the noise but he slowly makes his way into the bathroom to take a full shower and get dressed like it’s a normal day.

Song Mino finally wakes up and he realizes that he’s gotta get a move on if he wants breakfast.  Mino’s hair says it all.

By now, everyone is up but that doesn’t stop the antics.

The group has found the parking lot where the bus is parked but they see two buses waiting there for them.  They all board one bus and then one by one, half of the members decide to board the other bus.  In the end, Na PD is surprised (and a bit irritated) to learn how early the members have woken up but he boards the bus on the right.  Lee Su Geun, Kang Ho Dong and Song Mino learn that they’ve boarded the explorer’s bus and rather than getting breakfast, they’ll go exploring the city.

Eun Ji Won, Kyuhyun and Ahn Jae Hyun get to eat a wonton soup and dimsum breakfast. I love watching Eun Ji Won struggle with the soup because his hair keeps getting in the way.

Meanwhile, the other three reach their destination and given another chance at breakfast.  The crew decides to quiz them and gives them the choice of the quiz.  Lee Su Geun wants to do capital cities, Kang Ho Dong wants to do sports and Song Mino wants to do the Imjin War.  Lol.  I realize it’s strange but because he’s done two rap songs for Show Me the Money and Infinite Challenge about Yi Sun Shin and the Imjin Wars, I can imagine that he is an expert on that period.  The question is who was the king during the Imjin Wars.  After a few wrong answers from the members, Song Mino guesses Sunjo and he gets excited over that he gets to eat a Spam breakfast.  I guess all that research paid off?

After breakfast, the group all return back to their lodgings to discover their rooms have strangely been tidied up.  Na PD gathers everyone into another room to give them their next mission.  Except the crew overlooks turning on the cameras so they have to do the intro all over again.  Kang Ho Dong jokes about how Na PD only cares about Three Meals a Day these days.  Back to the mission, Na PD tells them that the next game they will play will be Escape Room.  Using the clues in the room, the group will have to use logic in order how to figure out how to get out of the room.  Will the group be able to do it in the allotted time or will Kang Ho Dong lose his patience and just bang down the door?


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