Just Bananas About: Week of 2/6/17

As much as I am critical of Running Man these days, the chemistry between its members is undeniable.  It actually took me a few days to watch last week’s Running Man but when I did, I just couldn’t help rolling on the floor with laughter.  Literally.

For the last few weeks, Running Man has been doing these member week episode where each cast member takes turns being the show’s main star.  However, the episode started off quite vaguely and even I wasn’t sure who the show’s main focus would be.  But the show had a clearly theme as each of the Running Man members dressed up as their action hero counterpart.  Some outfits were clearly more ridiculous than others.

Each member had the opportunity to upgrade their powers through missions uniquely meant for them.    If they did well in the match, their level of powers would increase which will help them in the final name tag match.

The episode all starts innocently enough with each them trying hard to upgrade their powers.  In a group mission, they earned a chance to upgrade their current level but only win tickets enough for 5 people.  At first it looks like Ji Suk Jin will be the poor man out as he was the one that caused the group to lose but they instead try to throw things to chance as they place the tickets randomly in the door that the members entered the studio.  Lee Kwang Soo wins the chance to pick the room first, which you’d think would increase his probabilities of winning a ticket.  However, with his bad luck, he ends up choosing the one room without a ticket.

The group continues to play various games to increase their chances of winning the final name tag challenge.  I’ll admit that I was confused by where these mini games were going to lead.

However, I couldn’t help but laughing at the blindfold challenge.  Haha and Lee Kwang Soo were picked to take part in this challenge.  With their faces, they were supposed to guess the object that is place between their heads.  Things got a little awry when the first object ended up being Yoo Jae Suk (without glasses).  Both Haha and Lee Kwang Soo were certain that the object was food related so Kwang Soo ends up licking Jae Suk’s eyeball.

For one of the final objects, the two had to figure out that it was abalone that was placed between them.  Due to the fact that they couldn’t see and not realizing that Jae Suk had not placed the object between them, Kwang Soo ends up frenching Haha.  I hope Byul doesn’t mind.  Lol.

Before the name tag mission, the members have one final opportunity to increase their powers by winning various bonus options, such as the Death Note power or avoiding being eliminated by having the name tag puller being eliminated instead.

The big surprise of the day was having Gary appear instead with his minions.  I love how everyone is in total shock.  I was in total shock as well.  In fact, Suk Jin, who follows Gary on Instagram, had assumed that Gary was out of the country but Gary had purposely uploaded those photos to make everyone think that.

In the end, Gary gets eliminated but before he’s taken away, he wishes Ji Hyo the best.  After all, they are the Monday couple.

However, Song Ji Hyo thinks she has the upper hand over Kwang Soo but in the end Kwang Soo has tricked her into thinking that she does.  She pulls off his name tag to realize that she’s the one who is eliminated.

Kwang Soo wins the mission but I think what’s unforgettable about this episode is that Running Man wouldn’t be Running Man without all the members.  As Haha puts it, they will always be 7012 (7= # of members; 012 = young won hee – numerical homonym for “forever”).

For this week, it was Haha’s turn to be the main star.  The thing with Haha is that he’s very, very indecisive.  So the Running Man staff gave him a mission where he had to choose between the members as they faced various tortures.

Tortures such as Kim Jong Kook having to eat all this bad food in one sitting or Yoo Jae Suk forced to bungee jump.  Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo were placed on a seated human slingshot.

The boys that Haha didn’t end up choosing faced another double dose of torture as Haha had to decide between the two rejects and Song Ji Hyo who faced a terrarium full of insects.  Ji Hyo is so scared of the insects that she confesses her love for Haha.

The next mission has Haha choosing between an extravagant lunch or a kimbap lunch.  If he chooses the extravagant lunch, he eats it alone and the other members have to split one tiny kimbap.  Haha chooses the extravagant lunch all for himself but then the staff members throw another twist to the equation.  He can choose just one other member to eat with him.

One of the final mission puts Haha in the middle of a frozen lake in which he has to shoot baskets blindfolded.  He has to make 5 baskets in before Jong Kook and Kwang Soo rip off his name tag.

In their way, there’s Suk Jin, Jae Suk and Ji Hyo.  Jong Kook and Kwang Soo have to beat each of them in various small games, such as Rock, Paper, Scissors, eating ice cream in the cold and playing the Ttakji game.  In the end, Jong Kook and Kwang Soo are able to rip Haha’s name tag off which means that the other four members have to face punishment of bungee jumping.

At the bungee jumping site, the staff gives Haha another choice.  He can escape jumping by just sending the other 3 members or he can choose to jump alone.  If he doesn’t decide in the allotted time, all 4 of them will end up jumping.  In the end, Haha decides to go it alone.

Up top, he’s given the final countdown to jump but at the last second, they tell Haha to check out this other section on the rig.  He sees a message from the other members congratulating him on his second child with a diaper cake.  He escapes jumping because this week’s episode was all about him.  This week and last week’s episode just goes to show how much of a family these members are and I’m glad that Jong Kook has convinced the members and staff to stay on for more episodes.


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