Just Bananas About: Week of 3/6/17

I am back!  Sort of.  I’ve never really been good at dealing with jetlag so on top of trying to catch up on shows, I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep.  New Zealand is certainly the land of vibrant colors, sheep and rainbows.  I wished I could have uploaded more pictures as I was traveling but outside of Auckland and Queenstown, I found their cell and wifi service to be really spotty.  Perhaps when I catch up to my shows, I’ll spend some time uploading more images.  However, the one show that I did keep up with while I was away was My Ugly Duckling, which was my favorite variety show pick of last year.

Sung Shi Kyung joined Shin Dong Yup and Seo Jang Hoon this week as the guest MC.  While the moms were delighted to see him, Kim Gun Mo’s mom couldn’t help but warn him that they are very good at getting guests to tell them their secrets.  Lol.

Every week, I watch Gun Mo’s clips and it seems he’s got a new project up his sleeve that gives his mother a headache.  This week he’s got an upcoming commercial shoot and he plans to make some lunch for the crew and staff.  He plans on making kimbap, which is the typical Korean lunchbox menu, but he definitely doesn’t plan on making the typical kimbap.  In fact, he leaves the moms and the show’s MC wondering as to what he might be up to as he connects the kimbap bamboo mat together into one long bamboo mat.

He also enlist the help of his company president, and often his sidekick in his escapades, into helping him get the various kimbap ingredients together.

After they get everything ready, it’s time to make the kimbap.  However, it is not an easy task, especially for guys whose combined ages makes them over 100 years old.

After finally laying out all of the ingredients in neat rows, he rolls one massive kimbap with all of the ingredients while Tony’s mom muses how he must be trying to attempt a Guinness book record.

However, Gun Mo’s mom cannot understand how in the hell he plans on slicing the kimbap and serving it.  Instead, he doesn’t slice it up ahead of time but wraps it up in plastic and places in a plastic kimchee container to carry it to the shoot.

During their break, he unravels the giant kimbap and his fellow co-stars, Cosmic Girls and Monsta X, marvel at his masterpiece.  Even though his fellow co-stars are more than half his age, they are probably more mature than he is.

As for Park Soo Hong, he seems overly excited.  The moms notice that he’s at SBS studios but he’s not there for work.  He’s there to be an audience member for K-Pop Star: The Last Chance.  Previously, Park Soo Hong has said that he loves the show and has always wanted to attend a live taping but now this is his last chance to do so as it is the final season.  He submitted his name online and he was the lucky few that got selected.

However, even though he has arrived early, he doesn’t realize that the seating is arranged by first come, first serve.  He notices that many of the people around him have rushed to stand on line.  Each person is then given a seat number and they must hand in their cell phones before they are allowed into the studio in order to ensure secrecy of the show’s results.

When Park Soo Hong enters the studio, he realizes that his seats aren’t that great and becomes depressed but two seconds later, he gets happy again just to be in the same room as the K-Pop Star folks.

After the taping, he greets the show’s judges, Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol.  Park Jin Young mentions how when he first started in the business, he started as Kim Gun Mo’s backup dancer.  And no matter how late they finished their schedules, Gun Mo’s mom would always make them great food no matter what time it was.  It was a kindness that he never forgot and wanted to thank her for that.  As for Yang Hyun Suk, he used to live in the apartment above from Park Soo Hong’s parents.  He once forgot to turn off his sink and he flooded Soo Hong’s parents’ apartment downstairs.  At first, Soo Hong’s mom was angry but then Yang Hyun Suk promised to pay for all the repairs so she has fond memories about the incident as they got an entirely new kitchen out of it.  I guess these stars wouldn’t have gotten as big as they did if they didn’t have that kind of rapport with people.

The final clip of the episode featured Tony.  He’s back at the hospital which makes his mother nervous as it wasn’t too long ago when Tony got back some bad results due to his poor health.  However, he’s there for a different purpose.  He’s there to meet with a female doctor which surprises the moms.

She was the pretty doctor who had helped to save Tony’s mom’s life when she was admitted to the emergency room.  Even though his mom was very ill, she managed to ask how old the doctor was and whether she was single.  After hearing the story on the show, she sent an email to the producer saying that she was the doctor that treated Tony’s mom.  Tony had planned to repay her kindness to his mom but things didn’t exactly go as planned.

He didn’t bring his wallet so he couldn’t pay the parking fee at the hospital.  Then, he takes her to a café and has her buy him coffee.  He collects all the receipts but I have to admit that I was a little confounded by the fact that he had absolutely no cash.  It doesn’t stop him from doing the complete date move by putting his arm behind her seat in order to back into a parking space.  Sung Shi Kyung comments how he’s not even looking behind him and so he really doesn’t need to put his arm there.

However, she seems to go with the flow and she doesn’t appear offended by it.  In fact, Shin Dong Yup mentions that it must be a ploy.  He pretends he doesn’t have money so that he can’t meet her again.  During the drive to the café, he wasn’t sure how she felt about seeing how messy and dirty he was on the show.  However, she just calmly replies that because he’s busy, that of course he wouldn’t have time to clean up.  She seems nice and I’m not sure if I would have had the same temperament as her.

After the café, he invites her back to his place which is surprising.  However, Kim Jae Duk and his lawyer roommate are there cleaning up.  Actually, rather than cleaning up, they are stuffing their junk into drawers.  Kim Jae Duk, I thought you were the clean one out of the three of them but I guess there’s a reason why you guys are roommates.  As the couple arrive, Jae Duk runs to the door to greet them and the clip abruptly ends there.  I can’t wait to see what happens next and hope that they will just order food for her.  Please do not cook her anything from your fridge.


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