Just Bananas About: Week of 3/13/17

Some of the weekend variety shows were preempted this weekend due to the breaking news of the South Korean’s president leaving the Blue House.  Other shows were preempted due to the finale for other shows taking up the whole Sunday night variety show spot.  Regardless, I have to admit that I’m a little glad since I didn’t realize how hard it would be to catch up on all these shows.  I’m literally going show by show so there are still shows I haven’t caught up on and others which I am up to date on, including New Journey to the West 3.

As always, these trips appear to end when the team fails the last mission.  The last mission for this journey involved the group giving the same answer in unison.  Na PD would give them two consonants and the group had to give the same answer.  He gave them “ㅅ(s)ㄱ(g) ” and most of the members responded by saying “apple/sorry (사과 – sah-gwa)”.  Unfortunately, Kyuhyun and Eun Ji Won do not.

Because they are gamers, they are so used to using these two consonants to say “take care (수고 – soo-go)”.  Although hilarious, it seems like the perfect ending for the episode as it sound like they’re saying sorry and take care to the viewers.

For this week’s episode, we finally get to see the director’s cut.  The little disjointed moments that we didn’t get to see during the run of the show.  I’m amused that they start with Ji Won’s shirt because even I looked at that shirt and thought it was unusual that the laces were in the front of his shirt.  I didn’t even remember that Lee Dong Wook wears the same shirt in Goblin.  But it is hilarious how he wears the shirt more than once on the trip and never realizes that he’s wearing it the wrong way.

The director’s cut also finally gave us insight into that moment we missed from the mafia game.  It seems that I wasn’t the only one who wondered what happened that left Ji Won and Su Geun stunned.  So half of the members already knew how to play the game, while the game was brand new for the other half of the members.  Kang Ho Dong, Su Geun and Ahn Jae Hyun learned the basic logistics of the game from the other members.  Kyuhyun claimed that he was really good at playing the game.  However, the first two rounds seemed to prove otherwise.

When it came to the final round, everyone seemed to point the finger at Ho Dong and Ji Won.  Ho Dong seemed to talk too much while Ji Won went back and forth between talking too much and talking too little.  During the first round of pointing fingers, Ji Won was eliminated and the group was shocked to learn that he wasn’t the mafia.  Ji Won sits aside and learns who the two mafia members are.  Song Mino then begins to point the finger at Kyuhyun and he protests his innocence to Su Geun.  Su Geun assures Kyuhyun that he knows he’s not the mafia and colludes with him only to find out later that he had been tricked.

Due to the game causing confusion and betrayal amongst the members, it starts a hilarious argument between the older members of the group.  It just shows you can’t trust anyone when playing the mafia game.

The episode also features a random segment due to questions from viewers.  If the members are always playing games in their room, why do they go all the way to China to do so?  So the show features the members and their antics as they go sightseeing around the country.  I think what’s amusing about this segment is that they are partly looking at the sites around them but also practicing various word games as they go around so their attention isn’t fully on seeing the sites but winning games.

Another mission that the show failed to broadcast was a wake-up mission so that the members could have breakfast.  Four people needed to end up in the same room in order for those members to get breakfast.  However, since there are six members that meant two people wouldn’t get breakfast, right?  Not quite as Kyuhyun points out that they could split up into two groups of 3 people and then bunk with one other staff member.  Na PD never said that it had to be a cast member in that room.  However, the reaction to Kyuhyun’s suggestion is lackluster and the next morning, although they have plenty of time, they don’t even try to go in one of the staff member’s room.  All six members end up in the same room resulting in breakfast for no one.  Even though it was funny, it was a lackluster ending to a so-so mission so I could see why this ended up on the cutting room floor.

Before the show ended the previous week, we see that one of the last missions was the quiz room.  The members all knew that would fail the mission before they even attempted it.  As a group, they had to complete a crossword puzzle within 7 minutes.  Sure enough, they all tried to complete the puzzle but were unable to do so.

They complain that even the smartest people in Korea would not be able to solve the puzzle.  So the staff members decided to take the puzzle to a different variety show, Problematic Men, to see if they could solve the puzzle in the allotted time.  They fail completing the puzzle by one problem.  I’m surprised to see how smart Ha Suk Jin is and it just makes me love him even more.  Maybe this is another variety show I should start watching?

One of the stories that didn’t make the final cut is when the group members separate to do their own thing and then they discover that they could use the dining table to play ping pong.  The only catch is that it is longer than the average ping pong table and it is narrower.  I love the gleeful expression Na PD makes when playing ping pong.  All of the members take their turn playing ping pong.

Later on after the final mission, Ji Won steps out of his room and walks near the ping pong table.  The ball is sitting on the paddles but as Ji Won starts to walk away, the ball seems to roll towards him for no reason.  He eyes slowly gets wide and he starts freaking out.  He asks if the camera in the room happened to catch what happened.  One of the staff members tell him that she thinks the camera facing the room should have caught it and it indeed catches the ball rolling across the table.

He just starts freaking out and I love how calm everyone else is.  Clearly, they’ve heard Ji Won’s theory about ghosts and aliens before.  He even has Mino spray him with salt to ward off the bad spirits.  Lol.

However, when the group heads to the airport, a staff member manages to slip a ping pong ball in Ji Won’s coat pocket.  He finds it before exiting the bus and freaks out again.  And then when he returns to Korea, he finds another ping pong ball in his luggage and blames that staff member again.  He then points the finger to Kyuhyun who admits his deed and laughs it off.

There’s no stopping the antics of these guys but I think that’s the kind of chemistry that makes us want to watch them over and over again.  While I wasn’t sure how Kyuhyun and Song Mino would fit into the group, I can’t wait to see them next season.


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