Just Bananas About: Week of 3/20/17

I am sloooowly, but surely trying to catch up with all my shows.  I spent this past weekend bingewatching all the episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which has been on my to-do list since… it started airing.  I loved that the plot of the show featured a strong, female character and Park Bo Young’s cute, pluckiness is undeniably charming.

Kim Chung Ha – 두근두근 (Pitter Patter)

김청하 – 두근두근

We are finally at that point in the drama where it seems like our two leads are ready to take the next step.  Due to her superhuman strength, Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) takes up a job as Ahn Min Hyuk’s (Park Hyung Shik) bodyguard.  There are very few people who knows that she has superhuman strength and she must only use her strength for doing good deeds or risk losing her power.

Even though their character outlines is quite typical with the average romcom, I still find the banter between Min Hyuk and Bong Soon irresistible.  He’s the chaebol who grew up with a cold, competitive family while she grew up with a dysfunctional but still loving family.

As the youngest, he’s the most qualified to become the heir to his father’s company but someone is out to prevent that from happening, using threats to keep him away from the job.  When two thugs enter his home to threaten him, Bong Soon comes in to save the day.

He discovers that Baek Tak’s (Im Won Hee) gang were behind all of the threats and because of Baek Tak’s ties with his father and his family, he comes to the conclusion that someone in his family must be out to get him.  Sadly, he learns that the culprit is his second brother who has ordered Baek Tak’s gang to scare Min Hyuk without hurting him.

Sensing that something is wrong with the usually aloof Min Hyuk, she cheers Min Hyuk up by enjoying a day off at the amusement park.

Despite being mistreated by the rest of his family, his second brother was always the one who seemed to look out for him.  I have to admit that the drama fully didn’t explain why his brother did what he did other than to scare Min Hyuk from taking the job.  If it was to protect him in the long run, it’s quite an unusual tactic but for now, all seems well for Min Hyuk to become his father’s successor.

Because that case is now solved, Bong Soon asks to join the development team which Min Hyuk had promised her when she agreed to become his bodyguard.  He reluctantly agrees and allows her to develop her own project in his office so he can keep an eye on her.  There’s no denying that Park Hyung Shik is just as spunky as Park Bo Young as they are having too much fun playing their characters.

The only catch with Min Hyuk’s promise is that she must finish training with him in order to control the power of her strength.  Min Hyuk’s reactions to Bong Soon breaking objects and nearly killing him are hilarious.

However, the important thing in the development of these two characters are how close they are becoming with one another.

I’m not sure if Min Hyuk has realized it yet but his increasingly jealousy over Bong Soon’s childhood friend and crush, In Gook Doo (Ji Soo), is coming to a head.  It was one thing to see that Bong Soon had feelings for Gook Doo.  Maybe Min Hyuk always felt that he had the slight upperhand as he knew Bong Soon’s secret while Gook Doo didn’t.  However, maybe he views Gook as a bigger threat now that he is closer to finding out the truth.

As for Gook Doo, it’s clear to viewers that his feeling are more than platonic but we were bound to grow tired and impatient of his constant scolding of Bong Soon.  As much as Bong Soon took that from Gook Doo for years, I’m glad that she finally calls him out on his behavior because being rude and mean just because you secretly care about the person gets old after a while.

The other interesting side of Gook Doo’s story is that he has a girlfriend, Jo Hee Ji (Sul In Ah), that he’s been neglecting because of work.  She doesn’t seem like a bad person but she’s lonely.  When she meets Bong Soon’s twin brother, Do Bong Ki (Ahn Woo Yeon), sparks fly but it is complicated because Bong Ki is good friends with Gook Doo as well.

The other underlying story is the overarching story of a serial kidnapper.  We learn of his identity and that he is attempting to kidnap seven victims to make them all his brides after watching a play.  He had tried to kidnap Bong Soon’s friend but Bong Soon came in the nick of time to save her.  Unfortunately, she has seen the kidnapper’s face and heard his voice and now she is on his radar.  It’s not clear what danger he presents her because she does have her super strength but he is still presents a danger to the neighborhood.

The other danger facing Bong Soon is Baek Tak and his gang.  At first, it seemed like he wanted to recruit her after seeing her strength.  I’m not clear as to why he lured her to the warehouse.  After seeing how many of his men ended up in the hospital, does he still not believe that she’s strong?  If he wanted to recruit, then why lure her to the warehouse?  The location alone seems shady to convince the girl to join him.  I cannot quite grasp what’s up Baek Tak’s sleeve or if he’s merely there for comic relief.  Either way, there are times when I feel like Baek Tak and his gang take up too much screen time and I’m waiting for the story or the joke to payoff.

For now, I’m excited to see that Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s relationship is taking a step forward.  I’m not exactly sure why he told her he was gay.  Perhaps she was gullible enough to just believe so he played along.  It’s clear that Min Hyuk is coming to realize his feelings for her but Bong Soon has been so focused on Gook Doo that she’s only noticing Min Hyuk now.  However, before she realizes her feelings for Min Hyuk, I wouldn’t mind a bit more hilarious banter.


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