Just Bananas About: Week of 4/3/17

In honor of April Fools’ Day this past Saturday, and I’ll admit that I stayed low in the comforts of my home, what better way to celebrate with episodes of Secretly, Greatly.

This episode is from the previous week and it features Henry trying to trick his fellow co-star from Oh My Venus, Sung Hoon.  As expected, Henry is quite thrilled to be tricking Hoon but what Hoon doesn’t know is that this plot started weeks before the actual shoot for the candid camera program.  Henry asks Hoon to join him in a photoshoot in which Hoon will be topless to show off his physique.  Unfortunately for Hoon, it’s been awhile since he was last at the gym and he has been extreme dieting for the last two weeks and exercising for six hours a day the last five days straight.

Already, I feel sorry for the dude because he clearly looks tired and hungry when he arrives at the location of the shoot.  And Henry, being Henry, is annoying full of energy.  Also at the shoot are Henry and Hoon’s trainers, who are also in on the joke.  Hoon’s trainer is at work trying to pump up Hoon’s muscles for the shoot while Henry only pretends to workout.

As the first part of the shoot begins, Henry continues to try to push Hoon’s buttons.  I mean, literally.  As Hoon is running on the treadmill, Henry ups the speed.

The next part of the shoot features Hoon in front of a full spread of food.  I can’t believe how good natured he is because this would certainly piss me off.  And Henry’s constant inciting behavior would not have been helpful.  And yet, Hoon eats the food for the cameras and then spits it out in a bag between takes.  Lee Gook Joo, myself and literally the world is amazed and horrified by Hoon’s resolve.

The last part of the prank, which is incredibly cruel, is the part where they take the shoot into the water tank.  All day, Henry’s mood on set has been up and down as part of the prank.  Henry resists wearing the mermaid costume for the shoot so Hoon offers to wear it instead.  Then the two get their safety demonstration regarding shooting in the water tank and air tanks.  Henry pretends to joke around and not listen to the safety demonstration.  Although Henry’s a decent swimmer, he pretends to be scared of the water but Hoon reassures him that everything will be alright.

When it is time for the shoot, I’ll admit that it is quite mesmerizing to watch Hoon swim around the tank.  After all, he was a professional swimmer but he had all of the ladies swimming.  But back to the prank at hand.

Despite several “warnings” by the director, Henry continues to joke around in the tank and pretends to play with a light fixture.  Suddenly, blood appears to come out of his mouth and once Hoon becomes aware that his buddy might be hurt, he jumps into action immediately.  He pulls Henry out of the water and tries to wake him up.  Not realizing that Lee Gook Joo and Yoon Jong Shin are behind me, he is completely focused on Henry’s well-being.

I’m assuming that he sees Henry crack a smile or something because then he looks up and realizes that this is all a prank and learns that his trainer was in on the joke.

As if to make matters worse, Henry is right there next to him egging him on so Hoon pushes him into the water.

He tells them that when he got the call about the shoot two weeks ago, he was just about to eat dumplings.  He regrets putting the dumplings down all so he could look fit for the shoot.  I have to admit that I thought that this prank went pretty far in that he had to diet, workout and then had to be put in a position where he thought his friend got hurt.  However, leave it to Henry to pull out all the stops for this.

Not as crazy as Henry’s prank but just as funny is the prank that Jung Jin Woon had planned for his fellow 91-er, Key.  Key is known for being a fashionista so what better way to prank him than with a scheme surrounding London’s fashion week.

The show enlists the help of real designers, Steve J and Yoni P.  They want Key to help them with an upcoming fashion week in London and have a line of ridiculous outfits. Jung Jin Woon will pretend that he’s just another celebrity that Steve and Yoni casted for their runway.

When John Park, Kim Heechul and Jung Jin Woon look at the outfits created by the Secretly, Greatly staff, they can’t help but laugh at themselves and how ridiculous they look.  The plan is to see how silly Key will look in the outfits.  Then, Jin Woon, who has been drinking during the fitting session, will spill some wine on one of the main outfits for the show.

Key shows up and because he understands fashion and the terminology, he clearly has a hand up on the MC’s.  When Jin Woon shows up for the meeting, he’s surprised but doesn’t think twice about it as he assumes that he’s there for the same reason he is.

When Key finally goes downstairs to try on all the clothes, he doesn’t look half bad in it.  In fact, Key’s thin figure and his confidence just make the outlandish outfits work.  What’s even more hilarious is that they suggest that the two put some designs on their faces with makeup and Key’s design actually looks like a work of modern art.  Is this prank going to go down in a failure?

At the suggestion of the designers, Key and Jin Woon go up to the roof to take some photos of them wearing the outfits.  The one outfit that had me crack up was the sweater in which the arms were long and connected.  It was long enough to allow them to use the arms to jump rope.  And yet, Key doesn’t even blink an eye.

Finally, it’s time for Jin Woon to move in with his wine glass.  He moves in for the last phase and hits Key’s shirt and pants.  Key is pretty cool about the wine on his own shirt but he is concerned about it on being on the designer’s pants.

Jin Woon moves into the dressing room to “change” and pretends to get stuck in there.  Steve and Yoni leave to pretend and find the key for that dressing room.  Key tries the door again a few times but to no avail.  Obviously to us, the door is locked from the inside but Key doesn’t try all that hard to find a solution since Steve and Yoni are getting the key.

Unfortunately Jin Woon tells Key that he’s gotta go to the bathroom.  He says that he’s just pee in a boot that’s in the room.  Key looks around and finds a plastic bag instead.  Key becomes even more alarmed when he hears peeing through the door.  Jin Woon tells him that there’s a hole in the plastic bag and then proceeds to spill some of the liquid by the door.

Key starts to panic and then gets a box of tissues at Jin Woon’s request. Key keeps stuffing the tissues under the door when Steve and Yoni return with the “key”.

Namely, John Park and Kim Heechul.  As soon as Key sees them, he whines that he knew something was up but didn’t think twice about it when he saw Steve and Yoni.  I’m amused that Key does his interview with the makeup still on his face.


3 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 4/3/17

  1. Hi Chunkeemonkeeato. I recently found your blog while surfing through other blogs. I have a blog of my own and really appreciate when people let me know that they enjoyed my posts, so I wanted to do the same and let you know that your posts are really entertaining 🙂

    I’m a huge fan of variety shows too, so I just spent a few hours reading all your old posts and especially enjoyed the “just bananas about” posts.

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    • Thanks so much for your support! I was just browsing your site as well and found it very informative. If you don’t mind I’d like to add your site to my links list. Also, please let me know if you feel like collaborating together! 🙂


      • What a coincidence! I am actually putting together a blogroll right now, and I will definitely be adding chunkeemonkeeato to it.

        Let’s keep in touch as I’ll be reading your blog regularly. 🙂

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