Just Bananas About: Week of 4/17/17

One of the latest variety shows to make it past pilot season is Cheeky Cohabitation – Vacancy.  There’s gotta be a better way to translate that title but that’s the English translation.  It features a bunch of different celebrities that end up living together as roommates.  What’s most interesting about the show are the different pairings.

One of the most unexpected pairings on the show is MC Kim Gura and Actress Han Eun Jung.  He’s known for being a bit grouchy while she’s quite cheerful.  In the pilot, Kim Gura stated that if he were to do the show again, he would not want to be paired with Han Eun Jung while she said that she would do it with him again.  Now, that makes things a bit awkward as they do this show the second time around.  But the upside is now that they know a little bit more about each other, they are more comfortable about being more straightforward with one another.  So in the cohabitation contract, Kim Gura asks for more food in the fridge and in return she asks him to sew some buttons on his clothes.

As cranky as Kim Gura can be sometimes, I’m amused that he obliges her.  He even agrees to accompany her to the flower market and pays for the plants she picks out.  It’s something that a romantic couple would do which doesn’t stop Kim Shin Young and Hong Jin Young from pointing that out.

The editing of the program certainly doesn’t help the pair either.  When Eun Jung decides to hand Gura a flower that’s fallen on the floor, the editors use music from Beauty and the Beast.  Which totally makes Hong Jin Young gasp in horror.  Lol.

Later on, Gura and Eun Jung agree to meet up with Seo Jang Hoon at a nearby café as both Eun Jung and Jang Hoon live in the same area.  She drops Gura off saying that she’s going to park the car but races home to make dinner for Gura.  When she doesn’t show up after a few minutes, Gura guesses what Eun Jung is up to.  It’s amusing to watch Jang Hoon awkwardly sitting with Gura but I’m not sure if Eun Jung’s plan is to invite Jang Hoon over as well for dinner.

The second household features Block B’s P.O, Comedian/MC Kim Shin Young and Actress Hong Jin Young.

What’s funny about this household is that two members always seem to gang up on the third member in whatever decision they make.  Whether its P.O and Jin Young wanting to go to amusement park or Shin Young and P.O deciding that the winner of rock, paper, scissors is the one that goes food shopping.  I do love the dynamic of this household as Jin Young has a lot of energy while Shin Young is chill.  P.O is in-between both of them.  Sometimes he can be animated and other times, he’s laid-back.

The thing that this group learned since last time is to not drink Shin Young’s detox juice ever again, which is how Shin Young lost a lot of weight.  Although, Shin Young insists that she can make it better this time, the group decides to go to the market to buy some instant food so they can quickly eat lunch.  Shin Young offers to make them Chappaghetti but she ends up putting a lot of water in it and overcooking the noodles.  I’m horrified and clearly, this doesn’t suit the taste buds of the other two roommates either.  However, they do eat it and go off to the amusement park.

The three insist on doing all the things that kids do when you go to the amusement park, whether it’s getting matching cute headbands or eating cotton candy.

Even though Jin Young is afraid of rides, she insists that they get on the 4D ride.  That’s before she notices that they’ll be flipping upside down.  It’s their turn to get on and the group is all nervous.  They want to make sure that the seatbelts are on tight.  P.O insists that he’s not afraid but he gets very quiet.

The ride requires them to put on 3D goggles and so they weren’t able to see how they reacted.  The three roommates are embarrassed as they watch themselves get all excited and scared on the ride such as screaming for their mom, drooling or just freezing up.

Afterwards, the three are just numb as they’re walking along.  Jin Young even gets complimented by a passing group of high school students and all she can do is smile politely in response as she’s still reeling from the ride.

The three then decide to make a bet.  Whoever wins at the basketball arcade will decide what the group does next.  They all try to cheat by blocking the other roommate from winning but in the end, Shin Young ends up getting the most baskets.  She wants to go on the Viking ride and sit at the end which terrifies Jin Young but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens.

In the third household, we enter music producer, Brave Brother’s home, which is a beautiful loft in Gangnam.  I’m surprised that he agreed to be on the show as he seems quiet and private.  He confirms as much when he meets his first roommate, Comedian Yang Se Chan, and says that he doesn’t really like comedians.  Lol.

Se Chan is amazed by his new digs but he’s intimidated by Brave Brother.  However, Brave Brother’ expression completely changes when the doorbell rings again and he hears a girl’s voice on the other end.  It’s Actress Jun So Min who has never lived apart from her family.  Since this is a new experience for her, she admits that she has packed almost everything in her room.  I’m surprised to see this pairing again on a different network as So Min and Se Chan are also the newest members on Running Man as well.

When it comes to laying out the rules of the house, Brave Brother doesn’t mind them touching his things as long as they don’t mess with his action figures, that’s placed around the house and they put back his glasses and dishes in the same spot they were in.  He also agreed to do the show because he wants to be able to sample his music for people who are not from his company.  As he’s the boss, he’s not sure if they’re saying things just to please him.  Se Chan agrees to be honest with him.  So Min’s terms for rooming with them is that they have at least one meal together a day.  Brave Brother offers to make food for them.  Se Chan wants to have the freedom to touch the things in the household without having to look over his shoulder all the time.  He admits that he’s a curious person and Brave Brother agrees to it as long as he puts things back where he found them.

The roommates have already gotten to like Brave Brother’s dog.  After Brave Brother leaves for his weekly sauna, Se Chan and So Min settle in as if it were their own place.



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