What is a Chunkeemonkeeato (CHUHNG-KEE-MUHNG-KEE-AH-TOE), you ask?  A sarcastic, foodie monkey that ooh, ooh, oohs whenever she sees something worth getting all fangirly over.

The name Chunkeemonkeeato came about 15 years ago when my friend pointed out my love of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream and Caramel Macchiatos and gave me this screenname.  The name stuck and so there ended up being a lot of monkey-themed features that ended up here.  As evidenced by the gif above, the name just seems appropriate as I tend to get really excited by the stuff I watch.  Mainly, I watch a lot of TV and I created this blog as a space for me to fangirl, analyze, review the stuff I’ve seen.  I cover K-Dramas, K-Variety Shows, American TV, British TV and every so often a movie, sticking to entertainment in which I fluently speak the language and understand the culture.  I also write a weekly music post in which I translate the lyrics of various K-Pop, K-Indie but include the random American and British pop, too.  For more information about the blog’s other features, check out my anniversary posts below.  Please feel free to comment, ask questions and fangirl (or boy!) together.


Anniversary Posts:
Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato Turns 1
Happy 2nd Birthday, Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato!


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