Curious? – Shows that make you crave…

Okay, loong overdue I know. I know it’ll come off as an excuse but it’s been a crazy last couple of weeks and it’s not over yet.  However, this is one question that I’ve been pondering about for while.  TV makes me do funny things, especially when it comes to food.

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Curious? – What are YOU watching?

George was a curious monkey and so am I.  Because of the Liebster Award Nominations, I and some other bloggers got to ask and answer questions about our viewing tastes and likes.  It was a lot of fun and that doesn’t mean that we should just keep the fun amongst ourselves and so I’m opening the forum up to the readers as well.  This is going to be an experimental column and depending on the responses I get for this initial post, I may try to do this on a monthly basis. Or maybe not, we’ll see how this goes.  Baby steps.

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