Playlists 2014

2014 Playlists

What was playing on Chunkeemonkee’s iPod in 2014?

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TVXQ – Something

TVXQ – Moonlight Fantasy

Rain – 마릴림 먼로 (Marilyn Monroe)

Gary – 술 취한 밤의 노래 (feat. Jung In)  (A Drunken Night Song (feat. Jung In))

Hyorin – 안녕 (Goodbye)

Hong Dae Kwang – 겨울바다 (Winter Sea)

B.A.P – Spy

Soyu & Jung Gi Go – 썸 (Feat. 릴보이 of 긱스) (Some (Feat. Lil Boi of Geeks))

2NE1 – 너 아님 안돼 (No One, If Not You)

2NE1 – Happy

Nell – 지구가 태양을 네 번 (Four Times Around the Sun)

Nell – Fantasy

Nell – 침묵의 역사 (The History of Silence)

Lunafly – Stardust (Kor Ver.)

Lunafly – Stardust (Eng Ver.)

Shin Yong Jae [4men] – 널 사랑한다, 지운다, 또 운다 (I Love You, Erase You, And Cry Again)

Park Ji Yoon – Beep

BTS – 등골브레이커 (Backbreaker)

Rock ‘n Roll Radio – Because of You

Zitten – 안개 (Fog)

Zitten – 해바라기 (Sunflower)

Lee Sun Hee – 꿈 (Dream)

Lee Sun Hee – 동네한바퀴 (꽃다운나이) (feat. 칸토 Of 트로이) (Once Around the Neighborhood (A Flowery Age) (feat. Kanto Of Troy)

Lee Seung Hwan – 너에게만 반응해 (feat. 이소은) (Only React to You (feat. Lee So Eun))

Lee Seung Hwan – 어른이 아니네 (Must Not Be An Adult)

Karmin – Hate to Love You

Akdong Musician (AKMU) – 가르마 (Hair Part)

Monni – Lovesound

Monni – 한참을웃겠지 (Must Make You Laugh for a Good While)

Monni – 남아줘 (Remain)

Bluepaprika – 안아줄게 (I’ll Embrace You)

Bluepaprika – 햇살좋은날 (A Sunny Day)

Bluepaprika – Midnight Song (Piano Ver.)

Bily Acoustie – 그 언젠가는 (Someday)

Bily Acoustie – Blinding On A Spring Day

god – 미운오리새끼(Ugly Duckling)

MC Mong (feat. Navi) – LUV D.N.A

IU -사랑이 지나가면 (When Love Passes)

Wheesung – Best Man (feat. 에스나) (Best Man (feat. eSNa))

San E – 나 왜이래 (feat. 강민희 Of 미스에스) (What’s Up With Me (feat. Kang Min Hee of Miss $))

The Barberettes – 가시내들 (Little Gals)

B.A.P – 어디니? 뭐하니? (Where Are You? What Are You Up To?)

Phantom – Future Wife

Taeyang – 아름다워 (Body)

Electric Eel – 싫으면 말고 (If You Don’t Like It, Forget It)

Thornapple – 아지랑이 (Haze)

ZE:A – 비틀비틀 (Stagger)

AOA – 단발머리 (Short Hair)

K. Will – 오늘부터 1일 (Day 1) (Starting From Today Day 1 (Day 1))

J Rabbit – Let’s Fall In Love

f(x) – 나비 (Butterfly)

Kim Hyun Joong – HIS HABIT (feat. 김예림 Of 투개월, 칸토) (HIS HABIT (feat. Kim Ye Rim Of Two Months, Kanto)

Tablo – 눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips)

Verbal Jint – 반도의흔한랩퍼 (feat. San E & 스윙스) (Just Another Ordinary Rapper (feat. San E & Swings)

Royal Pirates – Betting Everything (SBS ‘정글의 법칙 In 인도양’ 삽입곡) (Betting Everything (SBS’ Laws of the Jungle in the Indian Ocean Theme Song))

Royal Pirates – Betting Everything (Acoustic/English ver.)

Chen (EXO) – 최고의 행운 (The Best of Luck)

Davichi – 괜찮아 사랑이야 (It’s Okay, It’s Love)

Ha:tfelt (Ye Eun) – 다운 (Nothing Lasts Forever)

JYJ – 서른.. (Thirty…)

Kaesun – Ship And The Globe

Ivy – 내 맘을 아나요 (Do You Know How I Feel?)

WINNER – 이 밤 (Tonight)

Royal Pirates – 하루다 지나가겠다 (Haru) (The Whole Day Could Pass Us By (Haru))

Royal Pirates – You

Royal Pirates – You (English Ver.)

Ladies’ Code – I’m Fine Thank You

Ladies’ Code – 예뻐 예뻐 (Pretty Pretty)

Sunny Hill – Get the x out

BESTie – 롤러걸 (Roller Girl)

Park Jae Bum – So Good (Feat. Common Ground)

2PM – 미친거 아니야? (Isn’t This Crazy?)

Big Baby Driver – 아무렇지 않은 듯 뒤돌아서서 그냥 그렇게 떠나버렸네 (Like Nothing Happened, Turned Around and Just Left)

Sosimboys -그대가 가을이라면 (If You Are the Autumn)

Kim Dong Ryool – 그게 나야 (That’s Me)

Kim Dong Ryool – 청춘 (feat. 이상순) (Youth (feat. Lee Sang Soon))

Ailee – 미치지 않고서야 (Feat. 다이나믹듀오) (I’d Be Crazy Not To (feat. Dynamic Duo))

Ailee – 이제는 안녕 (Goodbye Now)

Jang Bum Joon -내 마음이 그대가 되어 (내마그) (My Heart Becomes Yours (My Heart Yours)

Roy Kim – 날 사랑한다며 (If You Love Me)

Yoo Seung Woo – Love

Epik High – Born Hater (feat. 빈지노, 버벌진트, B.I, Mino, Bobby) (Born Hater (feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino, Bobby))

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Taylor Swift – Clean

MC Mong -마음 단단히 먹어 (feat. 에일리) (Be Strong (feat. Ailee)

MC Mong – What Could I Do (feat. 범키) (What Could I Do (feat. Bumkey))

Woo Hyun [Infinite] – 사랑이 올 때 (When Love Comes In)

Lee Hong Ki – 사랑이 올 때 (Acoustic ver.) (When Love Come In (Acoustic ver.))

Han Hee Jung – 내일 (Tomorrow)

ALi – 펑펑 (Crying Buckets)

ALi – 취중전화 (Drunk Dialing)

10cm – 3집에 대한 부담감 (Stress Over the 3rd Album)

10cm – 여자는 왜 화를 내는 걸까 (Why Do Women Get Mad?)

10cm – 아프리카 청춘이다 (African Youth)

Toy – Reset (With 이적) (Reset (With Lee Juck)

Shin Hye Sung, Vanilla Acoustic – 첫사람 (The First Person)

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