Playlists 2015

2015 Playlists

What was playing on Chunkeemonkee’s Playlist in 2015?

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S.E.S. – (‘Cause) I’m Your Girl

Jinusean – 말해줘 (feat. 엄정화) (Tell Me feat. Uhm Jung Hwa)

Uhm Jung Hwa – 초대 (Invitation)

Mad Clown – 화 (feat. 진실 Of Mad Soul Child) (Fire (feat. Jin Shil Of Mad Soul Child))

Standing Egg –햇살이 아파 (feat. 마마무(휘인), 오브로젝트(윤닭)) (The Sunshine Hurts (feat. Mamamoo (Hwee In), Oh Broject (Yoon Dak))

|artists=스탠딩 에그(Standing Egg)]

Meghan Trainor – What If I

Meghan Trainor – 3am

Jung Yong Hwa – 추억은 잔인하게… (With 윤도현) (Cruel Memories… (With Yoon Do Hyun))

Jung Yong Hwa – 원기옥 (With 버벌진트) (Blast of Energy (With Verbal Jint))

Jung Yong Hwa -마지막 잎새 (The Last Leaf)

Tearliner – 머무는 나와 가는 너의 거리 (Staying With You for the Distance)

Tearliner – Love Lies (feat.  짙은) (Love Lies (feat. Zitten))

Tearliner – 너와의 여행 (feat. 정은수) (Traveling With You (feat. Jung Eun Soo))

Sweden Laundry -내게 와요 (From. 바닐라 어쿠스틱) (Come to Me (From. Vanilla Acoustic)

Vanilla Acoustic – 고백 (From. 김지수) (Confession (From. Kim Ji Soo))

Kim Chang Wan Band – 내 마음에 주단을 깔고 (feat. 잠비나이) (Spreading Satin on My Heart (feat. Jambi Age))

Jang Ki Ha and the Faces – 새해 복 (New Year’s Luck)

Amber – Beautiful

Amber – I Just Wanna (feat. 에릭남) (I Just Wanna (feat. Eric Nam))

Anda – S대는 갔을텐데 (Would Have Gone to S University)

ALi – 잘가요 Mr.Kim (With LE Of EXID) (Goodbye Mr. Kim (With LE Of EXID))

Manju Pocket – 술도 한 잔 (feat. 최정훈-잔나비) (A Drink (feat. Choi Jung Hoon – Jannabi))

SUPER JUNIOR-D&E (Dong Hae & Eun Hyuk) – Sweater & Jeans

Niel – 아포가토 (feat. C.A.P) (Affogato (feat. C.A.P))

Gain [Brown Eyed Girls] – Apple (feat. 박재범) (Apple (feat. Park Jae Bum))

Gain [Brown Eyed Girls] – The First Temptation

The Stray – 그대는 없는데 (There Will Never Be Another You)

Romantic City – 연애하고 싶어 (With 진대호) (I Want to Date (With Jin Dae Ho))

SPICA – 너 때문에 (Because of You)

Primary – 조만간 봐요 (feat. BSK, 개코) (See You Soon (feat. BSK, Gaeko))

Jinusean – 한번 더 말해줘 (feat. 장한나) (Tell Me One More Time (feat. Jang Han Na))

Young Turks Club – 타인 (Stranger)

Park Mi Kyung – 이유같지 않은 이유 (2009 Remastering) (A Reason That’s Not a Reason (2009 Remastering))

Clon – 빙빙빙 (Bing, Bing, Bing)

Big Bang – BAE BAE

Big Bang – LOSER

San E – Me You (feat. 백예린 Of 15&) (Me You (feat. Baek Ye Rin Of 15&))

San E – 이별 식탁 (feat. 산체스 Of 팬텀) (Farewell Dinner Table (feat. Sanchez Of Phantom))

BoA – Double Jack (feat. 에디킴) (Double Jack (feat. Eddy Kim))

Kim Ye Rim [Two Months] – 알면 다쳐 (If You Know, You’ll Get Hurt/Love Game)

Tarin (Vanilla Acoustic) -날 사랑하기 (To Love Me)

Zion.T – 꺼내 먹어요 (Take It Out and Eat It)

Horan – 연예인 (Celebrity)

Yankie – Sold Out (feat. 타블로, 자이언티, 로꼬) (Sold Out (feat. Tablo, Zion.T, Loco))

Big Bang – 뱅뱅뱅 (BANG BANG BANG)

Big Bang – WE LIKE 2 PARTY

Melody Day – #LoveMe

Lee Seung Gi – 우리함께한 그 모든 시간 (All the Time We Spent Together)

Sistar – SHAKE IT

Sistar – GO UP

AOA – 심쿵해 (Heart Attack) (Heart Races (Heart Attack))

AOA -한 개 (One Thing)

MBLAQ – 거울 (Mirror)

hyukoh – 와리가리 (Comes and Goes)

P-Type – 버드맨 (Birdman)

Apink – Dejavu

Super Junior – Alright

Han So Hyun, Jaime Park – 오 나의 귀신님 (Oh My Ghost)

Beast – 그곳에서 (To That Place)

Yoo Seung Woo – 예뻐서 (feat. 루이 Of 긱스) (You’re Beautiful (feat. Louie Of Geeks))

Wonder Girls – I Feel You

Wonder Girls – Candle (feat. Paloalto)

SHINee – Married To The Music

Primary – 네일 했어 (feat. 박정현) (Hello) (I Did My Nails (feat. Park Jung Hyun) (Hello))

Primary – 러버 (feat. 오혁) (Rubber)

Primary – Just Like U (feat. 얀키, 제시) (Just Like U (feat. Yankie, Jessi))

A Reason Without A Reason (Park Myung Soo, IU) – 레옹 (Leon)

Ow, Hot Damn (Haha, Zion.T) – 스폰서 ($ponsor)

The 5 Emperors (Jung Hyung Don, Band Hyukoh) – 멋진헛간 (Great Barn)

Basick – Stand Up (feat. 마마무) (Stand Up (feat. Mamamoo))

Basick – 좋은 날 (feat. 거미) (Better Days (feat. Gummy))

Every Single Day – Lucky Day (With Ska Wakers)

Every Single Day – It Could Be Love

LADIES’ CODE – 아파도 웃을래 (Smile, Even When It Hurts)

Coffee Boy – 충분해 (It’s Sufficient)

CN Blue – 신데렐라 (Cinderella)

CN Blue – Drunken Night

CN Blue – 발자국 (Footsteps)

Gary – 바람이나 좀 쐐 (feat. MIWOO) (Get Some Air (feat. MIWOO))

Gary – SHIPAPA (feat. 정인, MIWOO) (SHIPAPA (feat. Jung In, MIWOO)

Kim Ye Rim [Two Months] – Think About ‘Chu

Park Kyung [Block B] – 보통연애 (feat. 박보람) (A Normal Relationship (feat. Park Bo Ram))

Lee Seung Hwan – 다 이뻐 (All Pretty)

Lee Seung Hwan – 이별에 대처하는 우리의 자세 (Our Attitude of Coping with a Breakup)

Beenzino – Break

Zion.T – No Make Up

Din Din – 들이부어 (Pour It)

CODE KUNST – PARACHUTE (feat. 오혁 & Dok2) (PARACHUTE (feat. Oh Hyuk & Dok2)

Gwen Stefani – Used to Love You

Adele – Hello

IU – 스물셋 (Twenty-Three)

IU –푸르던 (Blue)

EsNa – Me, Today (feat. San E)

EsNa – Me, Today (feat. Flowsik) (English Ver.)

Park Jae Bum (Jay Park) – 뻔하잖아 (YOU KNOW) (feat. Okasian) (It’s Obvious (YOU KNOW) (feat. Okasian))

Brown Eyed Girls – 신세계 (Brave New World)

Lucia (Shim Kyu Sun) – 너의 존재 위에 (Upon Your Presence)

Younha – 널 생각해 (Prod. by 이찬혁 of 악동뮤지션) (I Think of You (Prod. By Lee Chan Hyuk of Akdong Musician))

Shin Seung Hoon – 마요 (feat. 빈지노) (Don’t (feat. Beenzino))

Kim Jo Han -여왕과 함께 춤을 (A Dance With a Queen)

Lee Moon Sae – 소녀 (Girl)

Hyukk Oh – 소녀 (Girl)

Jo Jung Hyun – 그 아픔까지 사랑한거야 (I Even Loved the Pain)

Royal Pirates – Too Fast

Girls’ Generation-TTS – I Like the Way