Jive Monkey Playlist: 7/7/17

Fridays can be especially hard in the summers.  Here’s hoping that these retro will make you forget that you’re stuck indoors.  If you’re outdoors, here’s hope that these tracks have you grooving to all the pleasures of summer!

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Just Bananas About: Week of 7/3/17

Music is such a powerful medium.  And so, when I saw that Yoo Hee Yeol was doing another music program on JTBC, it made me wonder if this was meant to be the program that followed Sugar Man which ended last year.  Despite not having Yoo Jae Suk beside him, the fact that Yoon Do Hyun and Lee Sora would be joining intrigued me in and of itself.  Begin Again takes its name from the music film starring Kiera Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine but takes these established musicians to the streets in foreign countries where they’ll have to sing in front of audiences that may not be familiar with who they are.

It didn’t seem out of character to me that Yoo Hee Yeol and Yoon Do Hyun would agree to do the program but it was highly surprising that Lee Sora agreed to do it.  After all, she’s been pretty much of a recluse for the last 6 years and hasn’t released anything new since then.

Having said that, the three musicians, with their differing styles, got together to practice and go on this adventure.  Noh Hong Chul will act as their road manager and I’d imagine that he will also provide amusing commentary.  The first destination for the group is Dublin, Ireland.  Immediately, the group can’t help but think of Once as Glen Hansard’s character in the film was that of a struggling musician, busking in the streets.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 6/30/17

We’re about to start a long weekend here in the States and my brain doesn’t feel like working.  *shrug.  Is there a more perfect song to accompany my vacation brain than BLACKPINK’s new single?  Here’s hoping that you all get some needed R&R and party like there’s no tomorrow before we have to get back to the grind next week.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 6/26/17

What a fun and exhausting weekend!  Every year, it always feels like I have a KCON hangover as it takes me a few days to recover from all the excitement, activities and just engaging in the fangirl/fanboy camaraderie going on.  Here’s a rundown of general KCON hoopla that went down this weekend.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 6/23/17

It’s here!  KCON NY is this weekend at the Prudential Center in NJ.  In honor of that, today’s playlist post features all the artists that will be here this weekend.  Whether there are popular songs you may heard before or songs that are not as well-known, here are some of the tracks that I’ve been listening to get pumped for the weekend.

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KCON NY – This Weekend!

I realize that it’s very late in the game.  I’ve known for a few weeks that I would be moderating a panel at KCON NY but I’ve been busy with the preparations that I haven’t had the chance to post the details yet.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to LA this year but I promise that the NY one is going to better than it’s ever been before.  Better late than never, right?

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Just Bananas About: Week of 6/19/17

Recently, I’ve been watching Fight My Way, starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, as merely another fun, summer drama.  Honestly, I admit that I didn’t really take too much stock in the story as I found the premise a little predictable.  However last week, the drama’s plot took a turn for the better, mainly changing the dynamics of the four main characters.  The drama is about four childhood friends as they try to navigate the complicated world of young adult life while trying to achieve their dreams.

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