Just Bananas About: Week of 5/8/17

Despite my hopes for good weather this weekend, I pretty much kept things low-key and homebound for Cinco de Mayo.  It is also Family Month in Korea and due to family-related holidays this weekend (Children’s Day on May 5th and Parents’ Day on May 8th) that many shows got preempted.  And so, it only seemed fitting to feature the latest episode of Superman Returns and the precocious kids on it.

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End of the Year TV Report (2016): Part 2

I’m finally getting around to Part 2 of this review.  However, it looks like I won’t be able to complete Part 3 until after I return from vacation.

The rating system:

Must Watch – Eyes glued… To the chocolate abs.
Watch – Well, heeeey there good lookin’
Just OK – Mildly entertaining at times but I’m here for the pretty boys.
If you’re bored – Sorry, you’re pretty but I’m just not that into you.
Pass – You might be pretty but not that pretty enough

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Just Bananas About: Week of 9/19/16

The Emmy Awards were this weekend.  But more on that later.  It was also Chuseok last week, which is known as Korean Thanksgiving.  And that meant a lot of Chuseok related programming which includes shows that you could watch with your families.  Superman Returns released an X-Files edition which typically includes never-before-seen footage with your favorite kids.

The special episode starts off with holiday greetings from the families.  Some of the kids are clearly too young to understand the tradition of bowing and other kids can’t resist being the mischievous pranksters that they are.  I like how each family brought their own personalities to the mix.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 7/18/16

The first thing I typically watch when I wake up on Sunday morning is Superman Returns.  The kids continue to entertain me while showing how dads are an integral part in raising the next generation.  I like how the dads show various lessons from patience to discipline to being independent and this week’s episode was no different.

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Late Spring TV Report (2016)


It’s been so long since I last did one of these that I don’t know if I remember how to do one.  I don’t think I did one once last year but I’m going to try to better about getting these out.  It’s nice to be able to talk about shows that are currently running.  There are times when I start off loving a show only to be disappointed at the end.  Also, there are those American shows that I don’t have the time to do full reviews or shows that I’ve given up midway that it’s a nice way to recap some thoughts on those shows.

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End of the Year TV Report (2015): Part 2

Next up, currently airing K-Dramas and K-Variety programs.

The OST rating system is:

Must Watch“네게 줄 수 있는건 오직 사랑뿐 (I Can Only Give You Love)” by December from Answer Me 1988
Watch“Darling U” by Kim Tae Woo, Ben from Oh My Venus
Just OK“괜찮아요 (It’s Gonna Be Alright)” by Orange Marmalade from Orange Marmalade
If you’re bored“잊혀져간다 (Becoming Forgotten)” by Lee Jung from Last
Pass“Love Lies (feat. 짙은) (Love Lies (feat. Zitten)” by Tearliner from Heart to Heart

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