End of the Year TV Report (2016): Part 2

I’m finally getting around to Part 2 of this review.  However, it looks like I won’t be able to complete Part 3 until after I return from vacation.

The rating system:

Must Watch – Eyes glued… To the chocolate abs.
Watch – Well, heeeey there good lookin’
Just OK – Mildly entertaining at times but I’m here for the pretty boys.
If you’re bored – Sorry, you’re pretty but I’m just not that into you.
Pass – You might be pretty but not that pretty enough

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End of the Year TV Report (2015): Part 2

Next up, currently airing K-Dramas and K-Variety programs.

The OST rating system is:

Must Watch“네게 줄 수 있는건 오직 사랑뿐 (I Can Only Give You Love)” by December from Answer Me 1988
Watch“Darling U” by Kim Tae Woo, Ben from Oh My Venus
Just OK“괜찮아요 (It’s Gonna Be Alright)” by Orange Marmalade from Orange Marmalade
If you’re bored“잊혀져간다 (Becoming Forgotten)” by Lee Jung from Last
Pass“Love Lies (feat. 짙은) (Love Lies (feat. Zitten)” by Tearliner from Heart to Heart

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Just Bananas About: Week of 12/18/15

It’s the last Bananas post of the year. I can’t think of anything better than ending the year featuring these two powerhouse comedians. Park Na Rae and Lee Gook Joo.

I’ve never really watching these two on a comedy show but I’ve enjoyed watching them on variety show, such as this week’s Healing Camp. Of course, it’s no surprise that they start the show off with a bang. I was floored with Park Na Rae’s pole dance routine. And Lee Gook Joo was cute doing Red Velvet’s “Dumb, Dumb” dance.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 7/31/15

I was never an avid watcher of Healing Camp but an occasional watcher especially when there was a guest I was interested in.  However, I wondered what the show would do without Lee Kyung Kyu and Sung Yu Ri.  Well, this week I found out and I’m cautiously optimistic.

Kim Je Dong is a great variety show personality but I was skeptical as to whether he could carry this program on his own because Lee Kyung Kyu’s personality was so strong as he lead the team of hosts.  Sung Yu Ri added that sweet, girl-next-door dynamic to the group while Kim Je Dong brought the wit.

For the new format, Kim Je Dong leads a group of 499 audience members.  Together, they are the new MC’s and get to ask questions to the celebrity.  However, the audience members aren’t told ahead of time who the guest is which is the most intriguing part of the new format.  As much as guests are used to going on a press tour and being asked questions, they often get the same questions over and over again that it can get trite fast but opening up the questions to the audience and not even telling them who the guest is so that the audience members can’t really prepare opens up a new door.

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