[Review] Medical Top Team – 메디컬 탑팀


Park Tae Shin (Kwon Sang Woo) is a warmhearted, medical surgeon at rural hospital.  Because of his skill as a doctor, the Director of Internal Medicine Han Seung Jae (Joo Ji Hoon) offers him a position at Gwang Hye University Hospital’s Medical Top Team, a collaborative group of the best doctors who help heal different illnesses.

Also on the team is Cardiothoracic Surgeon Seo Joo Young (Jung Ryeo Won), 3rd Year Cardiothoracic Residents Choi Ah Jin (Oh Yeon Seo) and Kim Sung Woo (Choi Min Ho), Neurosurgeon Jung Hoon Min (Kim Ki Bang), Radiologist Bae Sang Gyu (Alex), Head Surgical Nurse Yoo Hye Ran (Lee Hee Jin) and Anesthesiologist Jo Joon Hyuk (Park Won Sang).  However, the group faces varying degrees of opposition from the hospital whose aim is to use the team to make money over treating people who really need their help.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 6/24/13

Wow, 2 weeks in a row featuring a Mon/Tues program.  Okay, truth be told I’m writing this ahead of time.  After the great premiere of Our Neighborhood Variety Sports, I’ve been consistently keeping up with the show.  Not every episode has been a winner (in the variety sense).  However, we were treated to having Shinhwa on as guests.

I love Variety Show Shinhwa, probably much more than “Idol” group Shinhwa.  I’m finding it hard to watch the dance for “This Love” without cracking up from seeing the chest pumping/chicken clucking dance move.  Especially when they’re not wearing shirts underneath those suit jackets.

The boys are always entertaining on variety shows and so I was eager to see them last week.  I even loved the cheesy video in which they challenge the Team Ye Che Neung (YCN) members to a bowling match.

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Monkey Poo: And the hits keep on coming…

First, it was reported that T-ara’s Eun Jung and Jang Woo would be ending their run on We Got Married.  They swore that it wasn’t due to the whole T-ara scandal but due to their busy schedules.

Then I heard about someone posting on the internet about an encounter they had with their elementary school student.  She reprimanded her niece for playing a game called the “T-ara Bully Game” where they pick one of their friends and bombard them with insults and harassment.  Since it was posted on an online community, I would take this bit of news with a grain of salt.

Now Eun Jung has dropped out of the drama for Five Fingers.  I knew something had to be up when the promo for the drama didn’t feature her.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 10/28/11

I love OSTs.  A lot of times I find that obscure indie artist through a show or a movie (Thank you, Grey’s Anatomy music supervisor).  When I heard about So Ji Sub’s new movie a couple months back… well… I was less than thrilled with the premise of “Only You (오직 그대만).  Hellooo, At First Sight and that was a stinker.  Plus that whole down and out hero who falls for a sunny-shiny, sweet-hearted girl type has been played out, don’t you think?

Here is where the power of music drew me in.  Damn it!  They were smart to get Alex and Horan to sing and make cameo appearances in the movie.  (I have a weakness for Clazziquai, so 2 out of 3 works for me.  Hell, just give me Alex or Horan and I’m in.)

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