Final TV Report (2017)

Happy 2018!  I had initially planned on finishing all of my reviews before summer but that didn’t quite happen as planned.  I know I was long overdue.  However, now that they are done, I didn’t want to leave you high and dry since so many dramas aired between summer and now.  Before I say my final goodbye, here are some short reviews on those dramas I’ve completed since then or am currently watching.

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End of the Year TV Report (2015): Part 1

I am just getting it in under the wire but here I am to recap the year in K-Dramas. It’s been quite a year and while I’ve ‘shipped a lot of couples, I don’t feel I’ve gushed about as many K-Dramas compared to last year. Still, it was a pretty great year and here are the dramas that have completed its run in 2015.

The rating system:

Must Watch – Re-watchability factor
Watch – Pretty good
Just OK – It is what I say it is, just ok
If you’re bored – Killing time until a better drama comes along
Pass – Ugh, kill me now

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[Review] Because It’s The First Time – 처음이라서


Five childhood friends figure out about life and love as they grow into young adults. Amongst the group is Yoon Tae Oh (Choi Min Ho), a free-spirited college freshman, who lends out his rooftop digs as a place for his friends to hangout. In high school, Tae Oh’s first love has been his best friend, Han Song Yi (Park So Dam). Despite the fact he believes he’s gotten over his feelings for her, Tae Oh’s jealousy ignites when he learns the Song Yi harbors a crush on someone else. Unbeknownst to him, that crush happens to be their other friend, Seo Ji An (Kim Min Jae), who has mutual feelings for Song Yi.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 10/16/15

I’ve kinda been looking forward to Because It’s The First Time mainly because I’ve been watching Jo Hye Jung on Please Look  After Father.  It’s great that after many failed auditions we get to see her take on this role.  In the words of Jo Hye Jung, ‘Woohoo!!’

Plus, I generally like all of the other cast members.  While I am cautious about how I’ll feel about the drama by the end of its run, so far the drama has been quite delightful.

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