Jive Monkey Playlist: 6/16/17

For today’s playlist, there really isn’t a theme that ties all these tracks together, except for the fact that they are topping the charts.  Whether they are indie artists or mainstream badasses, they are today’s artists who are making some of the most creative, influential music in K-Pop today.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 9/2/16

With the start of September, it feels like summer is now coming to an end.  It wasn’t too long ago when Rosy-Cheeked Adolescence (aka Bolbbalgan4) released their mini album.  I was taken by Ahn Ji Young’s husky but cute vocals and Woo Ji Yoon’s rap.  When I first introduced them on this playlist post back in May, their sound seemed playful even though some of their lyrics referenced hardships within relationships.  This time, the new songs and its lyrics have a whole new depth.

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