[Review] Because It’s The First Time – 처음이라서


Five childhood friends figure out about life and love as they grow into young adults. Amongst the group is Yoon Tae Oh (Choi Min Ho), a free-spirited college freshman, who lends out his rooftop digs as a place for his friends to hangout. In high school, Tae Oh’s first love has been his best friend, Han Song Yi (Park So Dam). Despite the fact he believes he’s gotten over his feelings for her, Tae Oh’s jealousy ignites when he learns the Song Yi harbors a crush on someone else. Unbeknownst to him, that crush happens to be their other friend, Seo Ji An (Kim Min Jae), who has mutual feelings for Song Yi.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 10/16/15

I’ve kinda been looking forward to Because It’s The First Time mainly because I’ve been watching Jo Hye Jung on Please Look  After Father.  It’s great that after many failed auditions we get to see her take on this role.  In the words of Jo Hye Jung, ‘Woohoo!!’

Plus, I generally like all of the other cast members.  While I am cautious about how I’ll feel about the drama by the end of its run, so far the drama has been quite delightful.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 5/30/14

We are now less than two weeks away from the World Cup. Woop woop! Can you tell that I’m excited? So excuse me if I sound a little distracted. I just figured how to sync my Google calendar so that I could be alerted to all the matches. That’s why I’m excited to see that Our Neighborhood Variety Sports has finally moved on to soccer/football.

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[Review] Medical Top Team – 메디컬 탑팀


Park Tae Shin (Kwon Sang Woo) is a warmhearted, medical surgeon at rural hospital.  Because of his skill as a doctor, the Director of Internal Medicine Han Seung Jae (Joo Ji Hoon) offers him a position at Gwang Hye University Hospital’s Medical Top Team, a collaborative group of the best doctors who help heal different illnesses.

Also on the team is Cardiothoracic Surgeon Seo Joo Young (Jung Ryeo Won), 3rd Year Cardiothoracic Residents Choi Ah Jin (Oh Yeon Seo) and Kim Sung Woo (Choi Min Ho), Neurosurgeon Jung Hoon Min (Kim Ki Bang), Radiologist Bae Sang Gyu (Alex), Head Surgical Nurse Yoo Hye Ran (Lee Hee Jin) and Anesthesiologist Jo Joon Hyuk (Park Won Sang).  However, the group faces varying degrees of opposition from the hospital whose aim is to use the team to make money over treating people who really need their help.

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First Impressions – Our Neighborhood Variety Sports: Ep. 1 – 3 – 우리동네 예체능: 1회 – 3회


Kang Ho Dong is extremely busy these days between all the new variety shows he’s been working on.  This show’s concept has the hosts, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun and Max Changmin, recruiting their fellow celebrity stars to help them battle against local sports clubs.  The shortened title 예체능 (Ye Che Neung) is an abbreviation of the words: Variety (예능), Athletics (체육) and Able-Bodied Person (능력자).

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[Review] To the Beautiful You – 아름다운 그대에게


After watching a track and field competition one day on TV, Gu Jae Hee (Choi Sulli) comes to idolize one of the high jump atheletes, Kang Tae Joon (Choi Min Ho).  Tae Joon suffers an accident which could potentially end his career and Jae Hee transfer into the school.  However, it happens to be an all-boys high school and Jae Hee must disguise herself as a boy to enter.

Unlike most of you whose peg are the Japanese versions of Hana Kimi, I came into the show out of pure, unconditional love for the Taiwanese spinoff. Unlike most of you, I’m not really a big fan of idols, I’m more into K-Dramas and K-movies. Basically, I decided to watch To the Beautiful You just to see whether it’s going to be better (or not) than the Taiwanese Hana Kimi, which gave us solid performances from Ella Chen and Jiro Wang, and NOT because of the idol group boys.

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