End of the Year TV Report (2016): Part 1

I never seem to be getting any better at this procrastination thing.  But I’m officially done with all of my full-length reviews of 2016.  Here’s a better-late-than-never recap of the K-Drama year.

The rating system:

Must Watch – Watch and watch again.
Watch – Entertained.
Just OK – Just alright.  Nothing more, nothing less.
If you’re bored – It’s not the worst but that’s not a compliment either.
Pass – Not worth the time.

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[Review] Drinking Solo – 혼술남녀


Drinking Solo is a slice-of-life drama that centers around the daily lives of the teachers, students and staff at a Noryangjin learning prep center for students who are taking the civil service exam.  The drama also depicts the romance between Jin Jung Suk (Ha Suk Jin), a Korean history teacher who is an arrogant, star lecturer, while Park Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is a Korean language teacher, who is sweet but struggles to survive the world of the prep center.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 10/7/16

I’m not sure what it is about Autumn but I always get in these moods where I’m more reflective.  It’s not that I don’t get this way any other time of the year but it happens more often in Autumn.  I guess it’s that point in the year where it’s after the vacation mode of Summer and before all the end of the year holidays.  The weather is getting cooler but it’s still nice enough to go for long walks amongst the fall foliage.  Here’s a bunch of songs to get you in the mood.

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