[Review] The Man Living in Our House – 우리집에 사는 남자


After the death of her mother, Hong Na Ri (Soo Ae), returns to discover Go Nan Gil (Kim Young Kwang) living in her mother’s house.  He informs her that he was her mother’s husband, despite being three years younger than Na Ri, and is currently the owner of her mother’s house and the Hong Dumpling shop next door, which he inherited from his late wife.

The land where the house and shop are located on is a hotly disputed piece of real estate and Kwon Duk Bong (Lee Soo Hyuk) has been tasked by his father to take ownership of it in order to turn it into a holiday resort.  Things get complicated when he gets involved with the pair.

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[Review] Monster – 몬스터


Born into a wealthy family, Lee Guk Chul (Kang Ji Hwan) was a spoiled, chaebol heir.  However, he loses his eyesight in a car accident that also takes the lives of his parents.  Shortly after, his aunt is murdered as well and although he survives several murder attempts his greedy uncle, Byun Il Jae (Jung Bo Suk) steals his inheritance.  Having lost everything, he grows up as a beggar, relying on his wit and superhuman hearing to survive the streets.  Years later, he undergoes surgery with the help of a Chinese arms dealer and adopts a new identity as Kang Ki Tan in order to exact revenge on the people who have taken everything away from him.

Cha Jung Eun (Sung Yuri) first meets Guk Chul when she works as his maid.  Though Guk Chul is initially rude to her, he develops feelings for her.  Due to the numerous attempts on Guk Chul’s life, they become separated.  Years later, she also takes a new name and as Oh Soo Yeon she applies for an internship at Dodo Group.  She meets Ki Tan but the two are unaware of their shared past.

Do Gun Woo (Park Ki Woong) is the illegitimate son of Dodo Group’s Chairman Do Choong (Park Young Kyu).  He has lived most of his life in the US with his mother and abusive stepfather.  After a violent altercation, in which Gun Woo ends up murdering his stepfather, his mother takes the blame and commits suicide.  He returns to Korea with Byun Il Jae’s help who intends on using him as a tool to takeover Dodo Group.  Gun Woo develops a mutual rivalry with Ki Tan.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 10/31/16

Happy Halloween!  With all of these new dramas starting up recently, my head has been spinning.  And yet when I saw the trailer for The Man Living in Our House, I just couldn’t resist because the premise sounded so ridiculous that it made me laugh-out-loud and ever since I fell in love with Kim Young Kwang in D-Day, I couldn’t resist checking him out again.  So far, I’m enjoying the fun, wacky vibe of it all.

Henry – 니 맘에 들어갈래 (feat. Mark Of NCT) (Want to Be in Your Heart (feat. Mark Of NCT))

헨리(Henry) – 니 맘에 들어갈래 (feat. Mark Of NCT)

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[Review] Missing Noir M – 실종느와르 M


When an incarcerated psychopath draws a detailed image of a current crime scene and addresses it to a former, genius FBI agent, it draws the attention from the Chief of Police. Former FBI agent James Gil/Gil Soo Hyun (Kim Kang Woo) teams up with Veteran Detective Oh Dae Young (Park Hee Soon) and Jin Seo Joon (Jo Bo Ah) of the Cyber Crimes Unit to form a task force specializing in finding missing people and uncovering the mystery behind their disappearance.

OCN has a reputation of doing male-focused, mystery crime dramas. They’re produced by the same team again and again and the formula rarely changes. However, the reason why I’m drawn to them is that the casts are usually great and the same plots are delivered with fresh and unique perspective. Similar to what magicians or illusionists do, the mark of a great crime drama is when it can misdirect the viewers’ expectations.

Kim Yoon Ah – 자각몽 (feat. 올티) (Lucid Dream (feat. Olltii))

김윤아 – 자각몽 (feat. 올티)

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[Review] Surplus Princess – 잉여공주


Aileen, a mermaid princess, drinks a potion to become human after falling in love with Kwon Shi Kyung (Song Jae Rim).  Unfortunately, there are consequences to taking the potion.  Before her 100th day as a human, she must find her one true love or risk disintegrating into nothingness.

She dons a human identity as Kim Ha Ni (Jo Bo Ah) and takes up room and board at the Surplus House with other unemployed misfits living there: Kindhearted but Unemployable Lee Hyun Myung (Ohn Joo Wan), Foodie Vlogger Ahn Hye Young (Kim Seul Gi), Booksmart Do Ji Yong (Kim Min Kyo), Maknae Big (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Surplus House’s taciturn landlord, Lee Sun Kyu (Jaurim’s Lee Sun Kyu).

The overall story is based on the children’s fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, but the format is a comedy with the writers and crew (even some of cast) hailing from SNL Korea.  Interspersed between the romcom drama, viewers can find skit-like elements which may be loosely related to the overall plot but added mainly for comedic purposes.  I think we have seen American sitcoms and TV musical dramedies such as Glee, occasionally use this type of format but to make it a consistent element in the television program is not something we can find outside of variety shows.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 9/19/14

After the end of the Peru trip on Youth Over Flowers, I spent like a week wondering what awful thing Na PD did next to the boys from Answer Me 1994 for their trip to Laos.  Well we got our answer last Friday and it’s pretty awful.  And what I mean by awful is AWESOME.

Roo’ra – 3!4!

룰라 – 3!4!

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Just Bananas About: Week of 9/12/14

A few back tvN started rolling out with some of their new dramas like, The Three Musketeers, which I’ve been liking, and Surplus Princess.  Both dramas air single episodes weekly unlike the double episodes per week which is the K-Drama norm.  I have to say that I don’t think Surplus Princess will be everyone’s cup of tea but for me, there’s a lot to like about this drama.

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