Just Bananas About: Week of 5/15/17

Two brand new dramas just started last Wednesday, vying to get your attention for ratings.  They are both thematically different but both highly anticipated dramas.  From what I’ve seen so far from the first two episodes, I am optimistic about them so here’s a rundown of the storyline from these episodes.

On a complete sidenote, I am a little annoyed that some of the major broadcasters are inserting commercial breaks in the middle of the episode and therefore, the numbering has been adjusted to reflect the two parts as standalones.  From a budget standpoint, it just means more advertising dollars can go to the production and I’m hoping that won’t make the project rely on product placement.  Ultimately, this is just a minor detail and it’s easy to look past this as long as the story doesn’t suffer.

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[Review] Memory – 기억


Park Tae Suk (Lee Sung Min) is a ruthless lawyer who does whatever it takes to win his cases.  When he becomes diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he realizes how he’s taken everything he holds dear for granted and reevaluates his life and the choices he’s made.  He puts all of his energy into fighting one last case before his memory starts to fade away.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 3/28/16

Lee Sung Min has played a wide variety of supporting character roles over the course of his career.  Recently, I think we’ve been embracing him more in the lead roles, especially after playing the inspiring Section Chief Oh in Misaeng.  In his latest work, Memory, he plays a talented but heartless lawyer who would do anything for his clients.  And yet, the thing that draws me to Lee Sung Min is that when his character is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he manages to make us empathize with him.

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[Review] Medical Top Team – 메디컬 탑팀


Park Tae Shin (Kwon Sang Woo) is a warmhearted, medical surgeon at rural hospital.  Because of his skill as a doctor, the Director of Internal Medicine Han Seung Jae (Joo Ji Hoon) offers him a position at Gwang Hye University Hospital’s Medical Top Team, a collaborative group of the best doctors who help heal different illnesses.

Also on the team is Cardiothoracic Surgeon Seo Joo Young (Jung Ryeo Won), 3rd Year Cardiothoracic Residents Choi Ah Jin (Oh Yeon Seo) and Kim Sung Woo (Choi Min Ho), Neurosurgeon Jung Hoon Min (Kim Ki Bang), Radiologist Bae Sang Gyu (Alex), Head Surgical Nurse Yoo Hye Ran (Lee Hee Jin) and Anesthesiologist Jo Joon Hyuk (Park Won Sang).  However, the group faces varying degrees of opposition from the hospital whose aim is to use the team to make money over treating people who really need their help.

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[Review] Nine: Nine Time Travels – 나인: 아홉 번의 시간 여행


Newsman Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) is given nine chances to travel back through time to right the wrongs of the past.  Through his journeys, he realizes that correcting minor things in the past veers his life in an unforeseen direction in the present.

The big thing about watching this drama was to see if the makers of Queen In Hyun’s Man figured out the time traveling genre to make it worthwhile to explore Nine.  After having seen both, there are clearly some differences.  Some things that were done better in the Queen In Hyun’s Man and some which were done better in Nine and this review will be making a number of comparisons.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 3/25/13

Granted this drama just started airing.  This could all change later, even as early as tonight when Episode 5 airs.  However, I am really intrigued by cable drama, Nine: Nine Time Travels.

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[Review] The Chaser – 추적자


Detective Baek Hong Suk (Son Hyun Joo) goes after a presidential candidate Kang Dong Yoon (Kim Sang Joong) once he learns of his involvement in the death of Hong Suk’s daughter.

I wrote about this show in my Bananas post earlier this week.  I had expected to write the review later but due to the writer collapsing from the stress of the show, the drama ended at episode 16 instead of 17.   I’ll mention the major characters and the major plot points but unfortunately I can’t include everything I loved about this drama.  There are a lot of characters and a lot of complex relationships.  All these characters are chasing after something but depending on what you’re chasing after, it’s a very different type of battle.  Hong Suk and Dong Yoon live in two very different universes and it collides when their goals directly conflict with each other.  One chases after justice but it’s an arduous, uphill battle while the other chases after ultimate power but he’s got everything to lose.

Lee Hye In – 나리꽃 (Lily)

이혜인 – 나리꽃

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