Just Bananas About: Week of 6/5/17

I’m always amused when I see shows about celebrities and their everyday lives.  Are they what I imagine them to be when they’re not performing?  Most recently, Actor Joo Sang Wook hosted Our Ugly Duckling which was filmed before his marriage to Actress Cha Ye Ryun.

It was interesting to see how Joo Sang Wook relayed that his own mother is very tough like Kim Gun Mo’s mom.  He’s the middle child with an older and younger sister and he admitted that he wasn’t very good at school like his sisters were.  He says that although he gave his mom grief when he was younger, he now is good at giving his mom plenty of allowance now which garnered a lot of laughter from the moms.

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[Review] I am a Murderer/Confessions of a Murderer – 내가 살인범이다


Choi Hyung Gu (Jung Jae Young) is a veteran police officer who is haunted by a case involving a serial killer.  As soon as the 15 year statute of limitations runs out on the serial murders of 10 women, Choi Hyung Gu fails to prevent a family member of one of the victims from committing suicide.  Lee Doo Seok (Park Shi Hoo) releases a book claiming he is the murderer whom Choi Hyung Gu has been chasing for all these years.  He wants to finally come clean about his crimes and his book immediately becomes a bestseller due to his good looks and acute descriptions of the crimes.

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