Just Bananas About: Week of 4/3/17

In honor of April Fools’ Day this past Saturday, and I’ll admit that I stayed low in the comforts of my home, what better way to celebrate with episodes of Secretly, Greatly.

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[Review] Drinking Solo – 혼술남녀


Drinking Solo is a slice-of-life drama that centers around the daily lives of the teachers, students and staff at a Noryangjin learning prep center for students who are taking the civil service exam.  The drama also depicts the romance between Jin Jung Suk (Ha Suk Jin), a Korean history teacher who is an arrogant, star lecturer, while Park Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is a Korean language teacher, who is sweet but struggles to survive the world of the prep center.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 6/27/14

With the World Cup going on, I have to admit that most of my attention is focused on the various matches and how well I’m doing in my pool. Plus, there’s hasn’t been a lot of interesting things going on the entertainment-scape or not related to the World Cup. However, I did happen to catch Kang Ho Dong’s new variety show, Stargazing. As a fangirl myself, I wondered if I would have the same zeal as some of these diehard fans. (Answer: not even close.)

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