[Review] Solomon’s Perjury – 솔로몬의 위증


On Christmas morning, the body of a young, male student, Lee So Woo (Seo Young Joo), is found on the campus of an elite high school.  Although the police rule his death as a suicide, an anonymous note circulates around the school which insinuates that his death was actually a murder committed by the class bully, Choi Woo Hyuk (Baek Chul Min).

Go Seo Yun (Kim Hyun Soo), Class 2-1’s class president and ace student, becomes determined to take matters into her own hands by conducting an independent trial amongst the students in order to get at the truth.

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[Review] The Crucible – 도가니


The Crucible is a novel by Gong Ji Young, which is based on a true story.  The film of the same name follows a new teacher, Kang In Ho (Gong Yoo), at a school for the hearing impaired children in Mujin.  He’s working there to earn money for his sick daughter but learns that the children there are being physically and sexually abused by the teachers.  When he decides to expose the crimes and fight for the children’s rights, he teams up with human rights activist, Seo Yoo Jin (Jung Yoo Mi).  However, In Ho and Yoo Jin discover that not only are the school’s principals and teachers behind the cover up but the police, local doctors, prosecutors and local churches have been paid off to keep silent about the crime.

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