[Review] Voice – 보이스


Detective Moo Jin Hyuk’s (Jang Hyuk) life is changed forever on the night his wife is brutally murdered by a vicious serial killer. Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) is a call center policewoman with the innate ability to hear sounds that no one else can pick up on.

She takes the call on that fateful night and in the process of investigating the scene, the killer also takes the life of Kwon Joo’s father, a cop on the beat.  Later, she testifies that the man who is put on trial is not the killer due to the strange noise she heard on the line that night, which angers Jin Hyuk.  Much later, she returns to the same precinct to create the Golden Time team, bringing together the call center and detectives in order solve crimes within a certain timeframe in order to save victims’ lives.  Despite initially rebuffing Kwon Joo’s offer, Jin Hyuk begins to accept the reality of her ability.  Together, they work to find the serial killer that has taken the lives of their loved ones.

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[Review] The Last Princess/Princess Deokhye – 덕혜옹주


Born in 1912, when Korea was ruled by Japan, Princess Deokhye (Son Ye Jin) is the youngest daughter to Joseon’s last king, King Gojong (Baek Yoon Shik).  Her father dies under suspicious circumstances and then she’s forced to move to Japan at 13 at the directive of Han Taek Soo (Yoon Je Moon), a pro-Japanese official.  Princess Deokhye is used a political puppet for the Japanese regime and her isolation from Korea makes her feel homesick.  One day, Kim Jang Han (Park Hae Il), a suitor picked by her father, appears in Japan.  Having enlisted in the Japanese army as a spy, he begins to formulate a plan to smuggle the royal family out of Japan to Shanghai, the site of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.

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[Review] Who Are You – 후아유


When Yang Shi Ohn (So Yi Hyun) wakes up from her 6-year long coma, she discovers that she has the ability to see ghosts.  Working with her at the police department’s lost-and-found center, her colleague, Cha Gun Woo (Ok Taek Yeon), only believes in solid evidence.  They gradually become to appreciate each other’s abilities as they help spirits who are attached to objects at the lost-and-found center find peace.  Through their investigations, Shi Ohn discovers her own past and the unfortunate accident which caused her to lose to lose her dead boyfriend Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) as well as her memory.

Yoo Sung Eun – 사랑이 자라서 (As My Love Grows)

유성은 – 사랑이 자라서

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Just Bananas About: Week of 8/26/13

So the other I see dead people drama I’ve been watching is Who Are You.  Yang Shi Ohn (So Yi Hyun) is a detective who incurs a brain injury during a case and finally wakes up after being in a coma for 6 years.

She returns to the force to the lost and found center and discovers that she can see ghosts who are connected to the items in the center.  At first Cha Gun Woo (Ok Taek Yeon) and Yang Shi Ohn get off to a rocky start because he only believes in what he can see and touch but slowly they come to understand each other.

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