Just Bananas About: Week of 7/10/17

Sometimes it seems like if you’ve seen one corruption drama, you’ve seen them all but I can’t help but be left on the edge of my seat whenever I watch Forest of Secrets.  If you haven’t been watching this drama, I strongly encourage it as it feels timely but I also feel like the show allows the viewers to come to their own conclusions about the characters guilt or innocence.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 6/12/17

Adding to my heavy load of K-Dramas that I’m currently watching, Forest of Secrets is another drama that I’ve been looking forward to.  Yes, the cast is made up of veteran actors but the story somehow feels very timely as it deals with political corruption.

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[Review] City Hunter – 시티헌터


I was so ready for this to be Shitty Hunter but pleasantly surprised when I heard that they were veering off from the manga because of Rain’s Fugitive: Plan BFugitive followed along the same plot lines as the City Hunter manga so the drama went in their own direction.  (Sadly, I quit Fugitive halfway through the first episode hence the initial worry for City Hunter.Programming wise, this was an excellent drama to go against Greatest Love and You’ve Fallen for Me.  For those people that didn’t want to watch rom com, this action-adventure drama filled that void.

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