Jive Monkey Playlist: 7/14/17

There’s a very important announcement that I’ll be making tomorrow.  Please be sure to stay tuned.  However, as I was preparing for that, it just made me reminisce about the blog in general.  The oddball thing is when I reminisce about myself sometimes it’s accompanied by a soundtrack playing in my head.  There’s really no theme this week other than having today’s playlist being a Summer Flashback Friday.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 7/3/17

Music is such a powerful medium.  And so, when I saw that Yoo Hee Yeol was doing another music program on JTBC, it made me wonder if this was meant to be the program that followed Sugar Man which ended last year.  Despite not having Yoo Jae Suk beside him, the fact that Yoon Do Hyun and Lee Sora would be joining intrigued me in and of itself.  Begin Again takes its name from the music film starring Kiera Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine but takes these established musicians to the streets in foreign countries where they’ll have to sing in front of audiences that may not be familiar with who they are.

It didn’t seem out of character to me that Yoo Hee Yeol and Yoon Do Hyun would agree to do the program but it was highly surprising that Lee Sora agreed to do it.  After all, she’s been pretty much of a recluse for the last 6 years and hasn’t released anything new since then.

Having said that, the three musicians, with their differing styles, got together to practice and go on this adventure.  Noh Hong Chul will act as their road manager and I’d imagine that he will also provide amusing commentary.  The first destination for the group is Dublin, Ireland.  Immediately, the group can’t help but think of Once as Glen Hansard’s character in the film was that of a struggling musician, busking in the streets.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 8/1/11

This is another catching up post.  I’ve been raving about I am a Singer on my personal Facebook posts but thought I would rave again on a more wider forum.  It overtook my Glee obsession and I found myself liking the singer’s renditions of some of the songs over the original ones (plus, the fact that a lot of the songs are from my parent’s generation).  (FYI, I don’t watch American reality shows as I work in the industry so it reminds me of my every day grind.  So if you think about recommending the Voice to me don’t get mad if I turn you down flat.  Korean variety shows and the way they produce them are very different from American ones so I’m not reminded of work as I’m trying to mindlessly watch the tube.)

What first attracted me to this show was the cutthroat competitive format.  The show is comprised of 7 singers (singers who have been established in the music world for some time meaning no idols – if you want to go see idols go to the one of the many top 10 music shows or Immortal Song 2).  These 7 singers are given “managers” who are comedians, they often provide some witty commentary.  Then the singers are set to compete in two competitions: the first competition is a song of their choosing and the second competition is a random song selection from a list provided by suggestions from viewers.  An audience of 500 members split up into categories according to their age vote on their favorite 3 performances.  The votes are tallied and the singers are given the ranking at the end of each competition.  Then they take both competitions and the singer with the least amount of votes is booted off the show.

Cutthroat?  You bet.  Especially since the format for the show was changed from how the show started out.  You can look up information about the IAAS/Kim Gun Mo scandal but all in all I think the producers of this show learned a valuable lesson from that incident.  You best know what the rules are before you commit to doing a competitive show format because torch and pitchfork crowd will be eager to come after you.

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