Jive Monkey Playlist: 10/14/16

In the Fall, I noticed that I tend to listen to a lot of ballads and music that generally has a slower tempo.  I swear I’m not depressed or anything but there’s something about the cooler weather or approaching the end of the year that makes you more reflective.  However today, I’m flipping the script as the cooler temps don’t stop me from listening to upbeat music.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 9/18/15

Last Saturday night, my sister and I attended the Show Me the Money concert here in NY.  We had been watching the show together.  While we didn’t know what happened on previous seasons, it seemed like this season had a lot of controversies which probably made things more dramatic for television.  Still, the stage is their element and I was truly bummed that I had to miss out on the Epik High concert as I was away that weekend for vacation.  This concert was to makeup for missing out on that Epik High concert and I get to see some of my other favorite artists.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 2/24/14

Happy Friday!  Eeerrr Monday!  No, you’re not in some alternate universe.  I’ve been thinking about making some programming changes to the weekly posts and see how the different vibe would shake things up.  Instead of starting your week off with my fangirl post of the week (aka Just Bananas About), I thought it would be a great jumpstart with a new tune.  Sometimes you just need a good song to get you up and off on a good mood, especially on Mondays.  Amiright?  The Bananas posts will resume now on Fridays.

The song that’s been basically playing in my head (over and over again) recently is Soyu and Jung Gi Go’s “썸 (Some)”.  It’s not like I haven’t featured songs like this before or the lyrics are superb.  It’s for the simple fact that the song is extremely catchy and makes good use of both rhythm and lyrics to swirl over and over again in your head.

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