End of the Year TV Report (2016): Part 1

I never seem to be getting any better at this procrastination thing.  But I’m officially done with all of my full-length reviews of 2016.  Here’s a better-late-than-never recap of the K-Drama year.

The rating system:

Must Watch – Watch and watch again.
Watch – Entertained.
Just OK – Just alright.  Nothing more, nothing less.
If you’re bored – It’s not the worst but that’s not a compliment either.
Pass – Not worth the time.

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[Review] Master: God of Noodles – 마스터: 국수의 신


Kim Gil Do (Jo Jae Hyun) is the master of stealing identities.  He kills his friend Ha Jung Tae and his family in order to take his identity in order to build an empire from a traditional noodle restaurant.

However, Ha Jung Tae’s young son survives and takes on the name, Moo Myung (Chun Jung Myung), meaning “no name”.  He grows up with two other friends at the orphanage, Chae Yeo Kyung (Jung Yoo Mi) and Park Tae Ha (Lee Sang Yeob), and eventually meets Kim Da Hae (Gong Seung Yun).  All three are connected to Kim Gil Do and each have their own agenda when it comes to him.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 5/2/16

Master: God of Noodles just started airing last week.  Despite the fact that Master is yet another dark drama about revenge, I will say that I am very intrigued by it.  It’s a bit early to say whether the drama will be a success but I do think that the story is interesting enough to keep watching.  Plus, I’m glad that I’ve got another Wed/Thurs drama to invest my time in as I just recently quit Ddanddara/Entertainer which wasn’t holding my interest.

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