[Review] Neighborhood Hero – 동네의 영웅


After losing everything during his last mission in Macau, former spy Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) decides to takeover a neighborhood bar after being released from prison.  He runs the bar in order to get close to the regulars.

Detective Im Tae Ho (Jo Sung Ha) moonlights as a spy in order to pay the bills and recruits Choi Chan Kyu (Lee Soo Hyuk), who aspires to join the police force.  Together, they all work to help locals against corrupt forces.

Eluphant – 외줄타기 (feat. DJ Juice) (Tightrope Walking (feat. DJ Juice))

이루펀트(Eluphant) – 외줄타기 (feat. DJ Juice)

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Just Bananas About: Week of 2/1/16

There’s been a number of new cable dramas that started up recently. And last week marks Park Shi Hoo’s return to Korean television in the OCN drama, Neighborhood Hero. He plays Baek Shi Yoon, a former spy, who decides to run a local bar after losing everything after his last mission. He ends up helping the locals with their problems.

Eluphant – 외줄타기 (feat. DJ Juice) (Tightrope Walking (feat. DJ Juice))

이루펀트(Eluphant) – 외줄타기 (feat. DJ Juice)

Im Tae Ho (Jo Sung Ha) is a detective who moonlights as a spy in order to pay the bills. Choi Chan Kyu (Lee Soo Hyuk) aspires to join the police force and is recruited by Tae Ho to help him with his moonlighting gig.

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[Review] I am a Murderer/Confessions of a Murderer – 내가 살인범이다


Choi Hyung Gu (Jung Jae Young) is a veteran police officer who is haunted by a case involving a serial killer.  As soon as the 15 year statute of limitations runs out on the serial murders of 10 women, Choi Hyung Gu fails to prevent a family member of one of the victims from committing suicide.  Lee Doo Seok (Park Shi Hoo) releases a book claiming he is the murderer whom Choi Hyung Gu has been chasing for all these years.  He wants to finally come clean about his crimes and his book immediately becomes a bestseller due to his good looks and acute descriptions of the crimes.

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[Review] Cheongdamdong Alice – 청담동 앨리스


A talented young designer, Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) has dreams of making it big and having her own shop in Cheongdamdong.  However, the stuck-up, exclusive world prevents her from succeeding until she meet Jean Thierry Cha (Park Shi Hoo) does she get a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There is nothing about this trite plot that drew me into the drama.  The poor girl rescued by the knight in shining armor has been done so many time before.  However, the cast makes the overplayed plot look so much fun.

Luna [f(x)] – 괜찮아 (It’s Okay)

루나 [f(x)] – 괜찮아 (It’s Okay)

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[Review] The Princess’ Man – 공주의 남자


Touted as the Joseon era’s Romeo and Juliet, Kim Seung Yoo (Park Shi Hoo) and Lee Se Ryung (Moon Chae Won) are torn apart as a result of their warring families.  Se Ryung’s father, Prince Suyang (Kim Young Chul), has his eyes set on the throne.  Seung Yoo’s father, Kim Jong Seo (Lee Soon Jae), is loyal to a sickly King Munjong and is instrumental in preventing Suyang from succeeding to the throne by helping Munjong’s young heir, Danjong.

The drama starts off in the heart of the conflict but goes back in time to the beginning of the love story.  Prince Suyang is at the head of this turmoil as he was once favored to take the throne.  However in the end, his father bestowed it upon his brother instead.  Suyang seizes the throne killing many on his way to the seat.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 8/8/11

This week, I’m conflicted between two things so I decided to post both.

Lately, I have been addicted to The Princess’ Man (공주의 남자) and yes, it’s probably because of Park Shi Hoo (박시후).  I can’t explain it as I don’t find him particularly attractive at first glance.  I find that a lot of people agree that you cannot fully understand his charm until you watch him on screen.  He positively lights it up with his signature smile (which is part sweet, part mischievous) and acting ability.

Baek Ji Young – 오늘도 사랑해 (Even today, I love you)


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