Just Bananas About: Week of 5/1/17

With the start of May, it’s also the start of family month in Korea.  With holidays such as Children’s Day (5/5) and Parent’s Day (5/8), May seems to be that time of year when families spend more quality time together.  However on Ugly Duckling, that may not be the case for these man-children.  Yoo Hee Yeol joins Shin Dong Yup and Seo Jang Hoon as the guest MC on the most recent episode.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 3/6/17

I am back!  Sort of.  I’ve never really been good at dealing with jetlag so on top of trying to catch up on shows, I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep.  New Zealand is certainly the land of vibrant colors, sheep and rainbows.  I wished I could have uploaded more pictures as I was traveling but outside of Auckland and Queenstown, I found their cell and wifi service to be really spotty.  Perhaps when I catch up to my shows, I’ll spend some time uploading more images.  However, the one show that I did keep up with while I was away was My Ugly Duckling, which was my favorite variety show pick of last year.

Sung Shi Kyung joined Shin Dong Yup and Seo Jang Hoon this week as the guest MC.  While the moms were delighted to see him, Kim Gun Mo’s mom couldn’t help but warn him that they are very good at getting guests to tell them their secrets.  Lol.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 5/15/15

For the last few months, I’ve been watching Witch Hunt.  I had wanted to watch the show when it first started airing but haven’t had the time.  I got a chance to watch an episode during a slow week and now I have to watch it weekly… even though I still don’t have the time.  Ha.

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First Impressions – Incarnation – The One Who Rules The Heart: Ep 1 – 4 – 화신 – 마음을 지배하는 자: 1회 – 4 회


It’s funny that the original title of this show was called Strong Heart 2 as it doesn’t bear any similarities to the format of Strong Heart.  This talk show is hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Kim Hee Sun and Yoon Jong Shin.

Each week a question or problem is acted out for everyone.  Taking answers previously provided by viewers, the guests guess the number one answer within age groups from people starting from 10 into their 50’s.

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Mmmusings… – New MCs of Strong Heart

So the news of Lee Dong Wook taking over for Lee Seung Gi on Strong Heart has been circulating for awhile.  Now it’s been announced that Shin Dong Yup is going to be joining him.  (Actually 3 hours ago, one article stated that it hasn’t been fully confirmed yet so there are some conflicting reports.)

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First Impressions – Vampire Idol: Ep. 1 – 20 – 뱀파이어 아이돌: 1 – 20 회


The vampire prince and his subjects come to Earth from a distant planet to meet with their favorite girl group, Girls Girls.  When the prince’s father discovers their trip, they get stuck here.  So in order to get by, they decide to become K-pop idols.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 10/17/11

There are three shows that I’m currently watching and wanted to highlight, three very different shows but all airing on Sunday night.  Is this why I never get sleep on Sunday before I have to start another exhausting week of work? I’ll break them down by show.

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