[Review] Tomorrow With You – 내일 그대와


Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon), a CEO at a real estate company, gains the ability to travel through time via the subway after surviving a freak accident on the subway, which takes the lives of his parents.  He has a chance encounter with Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah), a photographer and former child actor, in which he saves her life.  They come to realize that they met previously on the day of the subway accident and that it was his encounter with Ma Rin that saved his life.  However, during one trip to the future, he foresees a bleak future so he decides to marry Ma Rin in order to avoid that fate.

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[Review] Oh My Venus – 오 마이 비너스


Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) is a personal trainer to Hollywood stars, using the alias John Kim.  He’s a very private person since he comes from a wealthy family in Korea.  After a scandal with a famous actress, he returns to Korea to wait for it to die down and ends up saving Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) after she collapses on the plane back to Korea.

Formerly known as the “Venus of Daegu” in her hometown, she fulfilled her dream of becoming a lawyer but ended up gaining weight.  On their 15 year anniversary, instead of receiving a proposal of marriage, Joo Eun is dumped by her boyfriend, Im Woo Shik (Jung Kyeo Woon).  By ending his relationship with Joo Eun, he can now openly date Oh Soo Jin (Yoo In Young), Joo Eun’s best friend from her school days.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 11/27/15

Happy Day after Thanksgiving! Happy Black Friday!  Last week was the premiere of Oh My Venus.  While I like Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub, I honestly didn’t quite get the plot of the drama.  Shin Min Ah plays Kang Joo Eun, a lawyer, who used to be the prettiest girl in town.  Years later, she’s broken up with her boyfriend and a bit overweight.  So Ji Sub plays Kim Young Ho, the outcast son of a wealthy family.  He hides the fact that he’s celebrity trainer, John Kim, because of his family’s status.

Kim Tae Woo, Ben – Darling U

김태우 , 벤 – Darling U

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[Review] Arang and the Magistrate – 아랑사또전


The daughter to the magistrate, Arang (Shin Min Ah), is viciously murdered and she returns from the dead as a ghost to discover how she died.  She enlists the help of many Miryang magistrates but when she appears before them they all die of fright.  Until she meets a young magistrate, Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki), who has the ability to communicate with the dead.  She convinces him to help her investigate and punish the person responsible for her death.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 8/24/12

I’ve been really enjoying both Arang and the Magistrate and Answer Me 1997 for many different reasons.  One thing that they both have in common is they have soundtracks that I simply adore.

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