End of the Year TV Report (2014): Part 2

Onto currently airing K-Drama and K-Variety programs. Although lately, I haven’t been watching very many K-Dramas but I am keeping my eye out for a few new dramas that are expected to start airing soon.

The rating system – the karaoke edition:

Must Watch – Perfect score!
Watch – You could have a great career in singing.
Just OK – It’s not that bad.
If you’re bored – Please put in a little more effort next time.
Pass – *covers ears*

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Early Fall TV Report (2014)


…you end up with permanent dark circles and never get around to posting about what you watched. I’m well overdue for a TV Report update but felt that I really needed to at least go over the Summer American programs before we get too much into this Fall Season. That post will probably happen later, hopefully not at the end of this year. Continue reading

Just Bananas About: Week of 6/27/14

With the World Cup going on, I have to admit that most of my attention is focused on the various matches and how well I’m doing in my pool. Plus, there’s hasn’t been a lot of interesting things going on the entertainment-scape or not related to the World Cup. However, I did happen to catch Kang Ho Dong’s new variety show, Stargazing. As a fangirl myself, I wondered if I would have the same zeal as some of these diehard fans. (Answer: not even close.)

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