[Review] Tunnel – 터널


The search for an elusive serial killer takes Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) to a tunnel where he travels 30 years into the future.  He meets Detective Kim Sun Jae (Yoon Hyun Min) who is a by-the-book detective and Criminal Psychologist Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young).  Not only is Kwang Ho forced to adjust to the technological and cultural changes of present-day Korea but he must figure out how to work with Sun Jae to capture this killer so that Kwang Ho can make it back to his wife.

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[Review] Discovery of Love – 연애의 발견


Furniture Designer Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yoo Mi) has been dating the sweet and gentle Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon), a plastic surgeon who works with her housemate. She’s set her sights on marrying Ha Jin but her head (and her heart) is sent spinning when her ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha (Eric) suddenly reappears in her life. He is the CEO of an interior design company and hires her to furnish his latest project. Meanwhile, Ha Jin comes across Ahn Ah Rim (Yoon Jin Yi), whom he treated like a sister when they were both children living in an orphanage. As the lives of these four people intertwine, they reevaluate the meaning of love and relationship.

From It’s Okay, It’s Love, here’s another refreshing take on modern relationships. What makes this drama different is that it explores the various obstacles couples face when they’re in relationships and thinking about marriage. Sometimes it’s not as clear cut as boy meets girl; boy falls in love with girl; insert obstacle; boy marries girl and lives happily ever after. Or did I just describe a Nicolas Spark’s book?

J Rabbit – 사랑일까? (Is It Love?)

제이레빗(J Rabbit) – 사랑일까?

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Just Bananas About: Week of 8/22/14

It’s no secret that I’ve been loving It’s Okay, It’s Love but there are a few currently airing romances that I’ve loving as well. It’s such a refreshing relief as I felt that K-Dramas have been having a slump with its subpar to mediocre batch of dramas. Or is it only the dramas that I’ve been watching? This week was the premiere of Discovery of Love, brought to us by the writer of I Need Romance and so far, things are looking rosy.

Just like some of the romances that are depicted in these dramas, I approach each of them like a new relationship. At first, I’m skeptical and then it tries to win me over with its zippy plots, wacky characters and of course, kisses. However, each of these dramas can go one of three ways. It can either tank completely and I want to divorce it. Or I can play things cool and go for the let’s just be friends route. Or the thing I hope for is to fall completely head over hills in love with the drama.

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[Review] Inspiring Generation: The Birth of a Devotee – 감격시대 : 투신의탄생


The drama follows the journey of Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) from his start in Sinuiju to his rise to power in Shanghai and eventually becoming the people savior in Shanghai. Set in the turbulent 1930’s, the drama follows the changing tides of power between several different factions from Korea, China and Japan and the lives and relationships who are affected by it.

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