Just Bananas About: Week of 9/12/16

Infinite Challenge has been building up this star-studded Muhansangsa (Muhan Company) movie.  Starting from Signal’s writer Kim Eun Hee writing the script to her husband Jang Hang Joon directing the movie.  They also enlisted a ton of A-list stars to cameo in it.  While the movie was shown for the variety show, Kim Eun Hee’s style of writing is typically telling mysterious tales so there is thriller aspect to them.  Be warned.  There are some spoilers ahead.

The story begins with Yoo Jae Suk in the office at night looking a small music box.  He’s alone.  Or is he?  After coming across some strange looking men, he decides to take the stairs but they are soon after his tail chasing him through the parking lot.  He makes it safely outside but then gets hit by a truck.

Just a few days earlier, business was at usual with the team, except for the fact that a few of the department heads have died under suspicious circumstances.  Jae Suk is especially irritable but doesn’t reveal what is going on.

The last time Jae Suk saw the other department heads was during a happy hour where there was no indication that anything seemed wrong.  Perhaps except for some shady business dealings?  They brush it off as nothing.  They are office workers who are expected to do what their bosses tell them to.  But now, 3 people are dead.

Their boss being Kwon Ji Yong (aka G-Dragon).  He had once worked on their team but has now made it big but it appears that Ji Yong has not forgotten his roots.

However, Jung Joon Ha puts together that all of the department heads received a special gift.  A small music box with a cat on it.  He decides to take it to the police and meets Detective Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon reprising his different version of his role in Signal).  As soon as Detective Park hears of their suspicions, he’s on the phone with someone else telling them that members of Jae Suk’s team is onto them.

Later, Joon Ha hears from Park Myung Soo that it was a Japanese businessman who had gave all the department heads that same gifts.  During Jae Suk’s business trip to Japan, he had seen the music box and so Mr. Maki had gifted it to them.  They find out that he is now retired and moved to Korea.  Joon Ha brings along Haha as Haha is able to speak in Japanese.

When they arrive, they are met by a strange girl (Kim Hwan Hee reprising her role in The Wailing) who passes by talking on the phone in a strained voice and in a Jeolla accent.  It makes the pair uncomfortable but they decide to ring the bell anyways.

No one answers but the door is open so they decide to walk in.  Armed with the flashlight from their cell phones they walk through the house and discover a wall of pictures.  There are pictures of all the department heads there.  However, they soon discover that they are no longer alone.

Mr. Maki (Jun Kunimura) tells the pair the story of how the music box was gifted to the department heads.  He even tells the story of how Jae Suk came to him to find out the events his co-workers encountered leading up to their death.  Suddenly, Haha receives a call and excuses himself leaving Joon Ha along with Mr. Maki.  He passes along a crucial clue about his last encounter with the department heads but as Joon Ha is unable to understand Japanese, he relies on Haha to tell him.  But Haha provides the incorrect translation.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jung Hyung Don (Eee!) is outside of Jae Suk’s hospital room. Through narration, we hear him providing Jae Suk words of encouragement and as memories and clues race through his head, Jae Suk wakes up from his coma.  He had hesitated before but he now knows what needs to be done.  He tries to enlist the help of his nurse to help him call the police.  Unfortunately, he soon discovers that the nurse is also on the killer’s payroll.

He runs away and hides out in a janitor’s closet but someone is close on his tail.  He is deadly silent, not wanting to be discovered, but when the door opens, he is relieved to see Haha.  He tells Haha that he’s got a USB that has some vital information that needs to be reported to the police.  However, Haha has already been bought out and brings the USB to the killer instead.

When he’s confronted by Joon Ha, he pushes a button on his cell phone and a video is circulated throughout his entire company.  It’s a video of the killer admitting that he killed someone.  And the other department heads are not only witnesses but Kim Hee Won helps him to cover it up.

In order to cover up his tracks, he sends an assassin to take Jae Suk out at the hospital but Detective Kim Gye Chul (Kim Won Hae reprising his role from Signal) is already there to take him out.  While the killer tries to make his escape, Cha Soo Hyun (Kim Hye Soo reprising her role from Signal – and looking smoking hot in a black t-shirt and short hair) makes her arrest.

All is right again in the world of Muhansangsa and this time, the team is no longer in last place for sales so Jae Suk offers to treat everyone out during happy hour.

I’m not usually a big fan of the Muhansangsa skit because it mostly features the group being rowdy and the skits never going anywhere but I really loved the movie.  Sure, it was predictable.  I had figured out who the killer as soon as they made their appearance in the movie and with each new clue, it just seemed to drive the nail further into their coffin, so to speak.  I love all of parodies of the various movies, dramas, such as Misaeng, Signal and even The Wailing.  While I also loved all of the cameo appearance, my favorite, by far was Jung Hyung Don.  He’s just another member of that team and he’s been sorely missed.


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