Jive Monkey Playlist: 9/29/14

Autumn is my favorite time of year and my tastes in music does change when the weather turns a little colder. It’s not that I no longer want to listen to upbeat, poppy music but there’s something about this weather that makes me reflective. Here are two indie artists who are reflect the themes of the Fall.

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[Review] Joseon Gunman – 조선 총잡이


Park Yoon Kang (Lee Jun Ki) is the son of a great Joseon swordsman serving King Gojong. Due to King Gojong’s lack of power, his reign was filled with great conflict over factions fighting about the rapid modernization and encroaching influence of foreign forces. Jung Soo In (Nam Sang Mi) is a modern, forward-thinking woman who marvels at new inventions. Through various conflicts, Yoon Kang’s father is murdered and is deemed a traitor posthumously. Yoon Kang makes the decision to trade his sword for a rifle and returns to Joseon to avenge his father’s death.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 9/22/14

It starts with the bop of the head, maybe the tapping of the feet and suddenly you want to head the club and just dance it out. This week’s playlist are songs that make me want to get on my feet and party. It’s a total coincidence that both artists used to be part of the same group back in the day.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 9/19/14

After the end of the Peru trip on Youth Over Flowers, I spent like a week wondering what awful thing Na PD did next to the boys from Answer Me 1994 for their trip to Laos.  Well we got our answer last Friday and it’s pretty awful.  And what I mean by awful is AWESOME.

Roo’ra – 3!4!

룰라 – 3!4!

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Mmmusings…- Confessions of a 2nd Generation K-Drama Fan

I was working late last night (yes, I do have a day job) and on my way home after an exhausting day. Sometimes I just zone out on the train ride home, last night I was just browsing various social media sites on my phone when I happened upon Stephanie Kurze’s post “We Have It Good” on Crazy For Kdrama.

She talked about how she gets frustrated when certain shows she likes aren’t subbed in English or now that she’s learned a little Korean, things aren’t translated as they should be.  Although she states that it is certainly a lot easier to follow K-Entertainment these days than 10 years ago, I can certainly understand where some of her frustrations are coming from.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 9/15/14

It’s not strange for a lot of music from girl groups to sound the same. They emphasizing the sweet or the sexy and frankly, there’s no depth with the lyrics, sound or style. However, here two groups that show how strong and independent they can be while showing off a side of whimsy.

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